7 Times Harry Potter Broke His Own Rules

The magical world of Harry Potter is filled with unique and fascinating traditions. To aid in world-building, JK Rowling has incorporated rules into the setting to help readers understand how the magic of the wizarding world works.

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However, the story ignores these established boundaries for the sake of the narrative and to advance the plot. In the case of movies, the plot ignores these rules to add drama. In these cases, suspension of disbelief may be demanded by the reader or viewer as they follow the story. Harry Potter has frequently broken its own rules, which can be frustrating for hardcore fans.

seven Fidelius charm raises questions about plot holes

The reason Voldemort was able to find Harry’s parents when they went into hiding was because of Wormtail’s betrayal. By becoming the secret keeper of the Fidelius Charm that hid their physical location, Wormtail was able to inform Voldemort of the Potters’ whereabouts. The Potter’s choice to make another person the Secret-Keeper seems to imply that anyone under the spell of Fidelius cannot take on this role.

However, the events of The Deathly Hallows reveal that Arthur Weasley is the secret keeper of The Burrow and that Bill Weasley is the secret keeper of Shell Cottage. This then raises questions as to why James or Lily didn’t become their own Secret Guardian, which would have provided another layer of security and possibly prevented their untimely death at Voldemort’s hands.

6 Movies fluctuate about students using magic outside of school

Underage magick is strictly guarded in the wizarding world in the books. Wizards and witches under the age of 17 who use magic outside of Hogwarts are detected by the Trace and given a warning letter from the Ministry to cease and desist. Movies, however, are inconsistent with this fact. Harry is lambasted by the Ministry for using the Patronus Charm in The order of the Phoenixbut he is shown using magic to light up his textbook during prisoner of azkaban when he is still at the Dursleys before the start of the third year term.

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While this may be okay for homework purposes, it doesn’t excuse Hermione for blatantly using her wand to fix Harry’s broken glasses in Diagon Alley during Chamber of Secrets. Since neither of the characters are of legal age in these cases, it doesn’t make sense for them to use their magic freely without backlash, especially since Hermione is in public.

5 An effect of the Imperius curse in its first appearance makes it too obvious

In the Harry Potter books, the Imperius Curse is virtually undetectable. Many characters reported to have been under the curse act normally, even if their actions are strange, and only show confusion and vagueness after the Imperium Curse is lifted. In Goblet of FireBarty Crouch Jr. curses Viktor Crum through the Third Task Maze to remove all obstacles from Harry’s path.

In the film, Krum has empty eyes which immediately signifies mind control. This allows Harry to realize what is happening and prevents Cedric from aggressively retaliating against Krum as the latter is not in his right mind when attacking Cedric. Later films omit this detail altogether when the Imperius Curse is used, returning it to its canonical state.

4 The Weasley twins show a lack of interest in Ron

Before the events of prisoner of azkaban, Fred and George had discovered the Marauder’s Map in Filch’s office and had taken it. The map shows the entire Hogwarts grounds and the locations of everyone present. It’s odd that in the considerable period they’ve had him, they’ve never noticed Peter Pettigrew’s name constantly accompanying Ron’s.

Even though he was in his rat Animagus form as Scabbers, Pettigrew’s real name still appears on the map, prompting Harry to wander the school halls late at night to figure out why someone supposedly dead walks. Ron is set to sleep with Scabbers in his bed and carry him around in his pocket. As such, the Weasley twins’ failure to notice Pettigrew’s presence is remarkable.

3 The Laws Surrounding Conjuring Food Are Inconsistent

According to Hermione, Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration has five exceptions, one of which is food. This dictates that wizards cannot magically create food out of thin air, just as they cannot spontaneously create love or money. However, food can be summoned from other areas or multiplied if a portion already exists. However, in Goblet of FireMrs. Weasley is described as creating a sauce while cooking that seems to come from the air.

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It’s possible that Mrs. Weasley could have gotten the sauce from somewhere else. The baguette could have been the conduit through which the sauce was transported. Yet this is never specified and Gamp’s law has only been mentioned The Deathly Hallows. Also, Harry, Ron and Hermione struggle to find food during The Deathly Hallows, but they don’t seem to use food conjuration rules to multiply food once they have it.

2 Professor Lupin’s lycanthropy is not triggered until he sees the moon

Being a werewolf, Lupin’s condition depends on the lunar calendar. The full moon triggers Lupin’s transformation into a werewolf, which causes him to lose his human spirit and put him in danger of biting other people. The prisoner of azkaban film portrays Lupin’s change in a way that evokes the most dramatic effect. However, it quickly becomes confusing. Lupine doesn’t begin the shift or even seem to feel any effects until Hermione reports the full moon.

Upon seeing the full moon, Lupine immediately freezes and begins his monthly transformation. It almost encourages the rather ridiculous notion that Lupine could avoid his monthly change by not looking at the moon. According Harry Potter tradition, however, a full moon alters all those affected by lycanthropy, whether or not they can see it.

1 An early edition of Goblet Of Fire mixed up the deaths of Lily and James

Harry’s wand connection to Voldemort during the climax of Goblet of Fire leads to the spontaneous appearance of Priori Incantatem. This causes the spirits of Voldemort’s victims to shoot out of his wand in the reverse order of how he killed them.

Originally, an error occurred in the initial impression that allowed James to appear first and ask Harry to hold on long enough for Lily to see him too. However, since Priori Incantatem shows spells cast by a wand in reverse order, Lily should appear first since she died after James. This error was noticed and corrected in later reprints of the book.

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