5 Ways Harry Is Like James (& 5 Ways He’s Like Lily)

Although they only make occasional appearances, Lily and James Potter are essential to the Harry potter series. It’s their deaths that start the whole plot when their son is the sole survivor of Voldemort’s attack. For better or worse, their memories live on through Harry – as does their personality.

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Although he constantly remembers his physical resemblance to his parents, Harry never gets the chance to properly compare how they look and don’t look alike. However, thanks to memories, flashbacks, and characters like Remus Lupine, Sirius Black, and Albus Dumbledore, it’s clear what traits he inherits from each parent.

ten Like James: he’s a natural rule breaker

Harry practically started breaking school rules the day he entered Hogwarts. It’s not always intentional, as he tells Mrs. Weasley, trouble usually finds it, not the other way around. Either way, he’s losing a lot of points for Gryffindor in six years and racking up plenty of deductions.

This flair for trouble is something he inherited from James. As a Marauder, James constantly broke the rules – albeit often with much more deliberate and cruel intentions than Harry, as evidenced by his treatment of Snape at school. Either way, both have a reputation for chaos.

9 Like Lily: he would die for those he loves

The Harry potter The series reaches its heroic climax when Harry makes the ultimate sacrifice and surrenders himself to Voldemort in Deathly Hallows. This magic ultimately – and unwittingly – gives his friends and allies some protection from the Dark Lord, allowing good to triumph over evil in the final battle.

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It’s a complete moment, considering Harry’s story began with a similar choice of his mother. When Voldemort tried to kill a baby Harry, Lily gave her own life to save his. Both share the same courage and altruistic nature, not thinking of dying if it means sparing those they love.

8 Like James: he’s naturally talented

Potions, the history of magic, and fortune telling are all weak spots in Harry’s college career, but he’s not entirely devoid of talent. When Harry has the chance to show off his strengths, they are exceptional. He’s natural to Quidditch, becoming the youngest researcher in a century, and has an aptitude for defense against the Dark Arts that surpasses even Hermione.

Also on the Gryffindor house team, several characters comment on James’ skills on the Quidditch pitch throughout the series, with Sirius comparing them directly to Harry’s. Harry also has James’ aptitude for defensive wand work, as James was skilled enough to duel with Snape (who had dark magic on his side) and defended himself against Voldemort three times.

7 Like Lily: her keen sense of justice

From the moment Harry rejects Malfoy’s offer to befriend the right kind of wizards in the sorcerer’s stone, it is clear that he has strict morals and expects the same from others. He has a clear sense of right and wrong, and won’t hesitate to stand up to those (like Malfoy) who don’t.

This habit is something that readers of The order of the Phoenix will recognize in “Snape’s Worst Memory”. When James mocks and attacks Snape for the sake of his friends, Lily publicly calls him out for being a bully. Harry leaves this disappointed memory of his father and definitely on his mother’s side, which speaks volumes about his own principles.

6 Like James: he holds a grudge

Jacques and Sirius

Despite the fact that Voldemort tries to kill him almost every year, Harry considers Malfoy to be his most hated rival. The two are totally opposite and Harry hates everything Malfoy stands for: his pureblood mania, his arrogance, his cruelty, and his natural inclination to intimidate anyone, even a little different.

Sometimes that grudge goes too far, as evidenced by Harry’s (completely justified) obsession with Malfoy in Half-Blood Prince. James could attest that this is often the case with his own hatred of Snape – a conflict that mirrors Harry and Malfoy – nearly causing his death. Stubborn like his son, James maintained this rivalry throughout his years at Hogwarts, regardless.

5 Like Lily: he’s sassy

Book purists have long lamented the absence of Harry’s impertinence in the movies. springing from some of the darkest burns of all Harry potter, book-Harry isn’t as flamboyant as Fred and George, but he’s extremely witty and isn’t afraid to use that to his advantage.

We never see Lily putting her nerve to work, but according to Slughorn, it was a sight to behold. As a college student, she was “alive” with many “cheeky answers” up her sleeve. It’s just a shame fans haven’t seen this sassy Potter duo in action.

4 Like James: he puts a lot of faith in his friends

Photo of the Order of the Phoenix

Being the infamous Boy Who Lived, Harry could befriend anyone. Ultimately, he is close to a small group of people whom he would rather die than betray. He can’t fathom anyone feeling different – when all the evidence points to one of the Order of the Phoenix sold him in Deathly Hallows, he refuses to believe that it is possible.

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As Lupine then points out, his father would feel exactly the same and would have regarded distrust of his friends as the “height of dishonor”. From what fans know of James, it’s true. He never doubts Pettigrew’s suitability as a secret keeper, and that unwavering confidence is what ultimately led to his death.

3 Like Lily: her Muggle upbringing

As the son of a witch and wizard, Harry should never have been raised by Muggles. However, when he was orphaned, he had no choice but to be raised by his aunt and uncle. As a result, he starts Hogwarts with very little understanding of magic and expresses his fears to Ron that it will slow him down.

While Lily had at least one magical friend in Snape as a child, as a Muggleborn she still grew up in a Muggle environment. When Harry sees her in Snape’s memories, she is just as impressed with the magic as he was when he was 11 years old.

2 Like James: his wealth

James Lily and Harry

After 10 years in a cupboard under the stairs, Harry discovers that he is both a wizard and the heir to a considerable fortune on the same day. As if a chest full of galleons weren’t already enough to support him, he would later inherit Sirius’ money too, as well as property, making him one of the richest characters in the world. Harry potter series.

He is generous with this money, treating Ron and Hermione regularly, just as his father did with his own friends. When Remus struggled financially due to the stigma of his lycanthropy, James also relied on Potter’s wealth to support him. The Potters have long been a wealthy wizarding family, but neither James nor Harry are too flashy with their money.

1 Like Lily: he is humble

Even though Harry has more fame and wealth as a kid than most people in a lifetime, it never goes to his head. He is modest in his accomplishments, downplaying the fact that he has fought Voldemort multiple times, can cast a Patronus, and won the Triwizard Tournament in Dumbledore’s first army reunion.

It’s hard to imagine James Potter (who was once described as having a head so big that it’s a miracle his broomstick lifted off the ground) handling that kind of attention as well as a teenager. Considering Lily is the one calling her out, humility is a trait she highly appreciates and luckily it has been passed down to her son.

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