5 DC superheroes Harry Potter can beat (& 5 he can’t)

Throughout the Harry potter series, The Boy Who Lived has faced many different enemies, but has also occasionally come face to face with other heroes (such as when he mistook Sirius Black and Remus Lupine for traitors and murderers). But if he somehow finds himself in a showdown between the heroes of the DC Universe, it could turn out to be more than he can handle.

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Many DC heroes are overpowered beings who wield immense power, but some are just ordinary humans with honed abilities and awesome technology. If Harry Potter fought against DC’s mightiest heroes, he would be able to use his magical abilities to defeat them, but others would be too much for him to handle.

ten Can beat: Green arrow

Oliver Queen as Arrow in a promotional photo.

Green Arrow is a marksman archer who uses his impeccable marksmanship and technologically advanced arrows to serve justice. He uses an assortment of rigged arrows to expand on what he’s capable of with a bow and arrows, making Oliver Queen arguably the best archer hero in comics. Although he does not have superhuman abilities, he is in great shape and excellent in combat.

While Green Arrow’s marksmanship is more than impressive, at the end of the day he has no superhuman ability and Harry should be able to use his magic to subdue Green Arrow and defeat him.

9 Can’t Beat: Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern Movie

While Green Lantern does not have inherent superpowers, his Ring of Power grants him access to incredible abilities, such as flying and building items that he can telekinetically control. As long as he has his Ring of Power, Green Lantern is an incredibly formidable opponent.

While Harry’s wand is also capable of controlling objects and throwing a Patronus, those abilities just can’t compare to what Green Lantern’s ring is capable of. Green Lantern should be able to find creative ways to use his ring to defeat Harry.

8 Can beat: Cyborg

Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Zack Snyder's Justice League

Due to his technologically enhanced body, Cyborg possesses incredibly powerful powers, such as the ability to modify his arm, technopathy, and superhuman strength. In a technological world, his abilities make him an indispensable member of any team in which he is a part.

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However, the Wizarding World is not very tech-dependent, instantly rendering some of Cyborg’s powers useless if they fought on Harry’s terms. Also, as Cyborg relies on his modifications, if Harry is able to use a spell to disable Cyborg’s mechanical functions, he will be able to win easily.

7 Can’t Beat: Zatanna

Zatanna DC Cropped

In the DC Universe, Zatanna is one of the most powerful users of magic. She is able to use her magic to attack, project force fields, fly, and even disintegrate objects. Unlike wizards Harry Potter is familiar with, Zatanna doesn’t need her wand to be able to cast spells, making it impossible for Harry to disarm her.

Zatanna’s magic is far more powerful than Harry’s. In a duel, the witch would use her extensive knowledge of spells to easily defeat Harry, who would have no response to Zatanna’s attacks.

6 Can beat: Gold Booster

Booster Gold in action.

Hailing from the 25th century, Booster Gold stole futuristic technology and traveled through time to impersonate a superhero. He has no superpowers and relies on his stolen equipment to achieve his heroic exploits.

Although his advanced equipment grants him impressive abilities, he is essentially powerless without them. If Harry Potter is able to use his magic to disarm or deactivate the equipment, he will have no problem defeating Booster Gold.

5 Can’t Beat: Wonder Woman

As a warrior demigoddess, Wonder Woman is a skilled fighter and an incredibly powerful hero. Some of Wonder Woman’s most powerful powers include superhuman strength, flight, and immortality. She is regularly able to defeat entities and supernatural gods.

Wonder Woman has fought and defeated magic users and warriors far greater than Harry Potter. With her divine background and years of training, Harry couldn’t do anything to stop her or even slow her down and Wonder Woman would easily win this match.

4 Can Beat: Aquaman

The half-human, half-Atlantean Aquaman towers over the seas and is almost unstoppable in the water. With the ability to communicate with marine life, enhanced swimming abilities, and superhuman stamina, he is a highly skilled warrior. However, while Aquaman is an incredibly strong character, he is less powerful on earth.

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Although Aquaman is resistant to some forms of magic, he is susceptible to dehydration. For this reason, if Harry is able to use his magic to dry up Aquaman or prevent him from accessing water, he will gain the upper hand and be able to defeat him.

3 Can’t Beat: Doctor Fate


Doning Anubis’ Amulet, Cloak of Fate, and Helmet of Fate, Doctor Fate is an incredibly powerful user of magic. He receives his powers from Nabu and can unleash explosions of magic, fly, teleport, and project force fields.

With a wide range of abilities and a connection to an entity as powerful as Nabu, Doctor Fate is considered one of the most powerful wizards of all time. In comparison, Harry Potter’s magical abilities are not so impressive and he wouldn’t be able to defeat Doctor Fate.

2 Can beat: Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

Superman is without a doubt one of the most powerful characters in DC comics. He has a longer list of abilities than almost any other hero and has relatively few weaknesses. However, magic is one of his main susceptibilities. His raw speed and power make it unlikely that an opponent can defeat him, but magic users are among the few who at least stand a chance.

Arguably, Superman could beat Scarlet Witch in a fight, even with his magical vulnerability, so Harry Potter might not be able to bring down the Man of Steel. But because Harry’s strength aligns with Superman’s weakness, he might stand a chance.

1 Can’t Beat: Batman

ben affleck batman justice league 2017

While he doesn’t have superhuman abilities, Batman is perhaps the most intimidating match of all of DC’s major heroes. With unparalleled intelligence and unwavering willpower, Batman was trained to be the world’s greatest sleuth, a skilled melee fighter, and a master strategist.

Given Batman’s incredible track record, it’s impossible to imagine him losing a fight to Harry Potter. Batman consistently overcomes power differentials in order to defeat stronger opponents and it wouldn’t be any different then. Harry Potter might be successful against other DC heroes, but he certainly couldn’t defeat Batman.

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