5 characters who have grown the most in the modern family

Modern family is a mock documentary / sitcom about an extended family – the Dunphys, Pritchett / Tucker and the Delgado-Pritchett. Phil, Claire, Luke, Haley and Alex form the Dunphys, while his brother, Mitch, and his partner, Cam, form the Pritchett / Tucker family alongside their daughter Lily.

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The Delgado-Pritchett consists of Jay’s father, Mitch and Claire, and his trophy wife, Gloria, as well as his son, Manny. In the following seasons, Jay and Gloria have a child together, Joe. Release 2009-2020 Modern family ‘s consisted of 11 seasons. All along Modern family, fans have watched the main characters grow and mature over the course of a decade.

5 Haley Dunphy grew up fast

Haley Dunphy

Haley Dunphy was featured at the start of Modern family as a 16 year old child and the eldest of 3 children. Haley is described as a stereotypical popular teenager – cranky, phone-obsessed, and dizzy. She jumps from boyfriend to boyfriend, is very self-conscious about her appearance, and often embraces her rebellious nature. Haley (played by Sarah Hyland) is a nice person, constantly teasing her siblings and often bumping into her mother, Claire. Much of the disagreement between Claire and Haley boils down to their similarities from when Claire was her age – they both drank minors, both acted irresponsibly, and didn’t care much about the consequences.

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Through Modern family, Haley’s character is really developing. She gets kicked out of college for assaulting a cop, but begins to turn things around when she starts a fashion blog, working with fashion designer Gavin Sinclair and for NERP. As Modern family arrives in her final seasons, Haley is much more responsible and much more aware of her future. She ends the series married to Dylan and mother of twins George and Poppy, continuing her job and moving into Cam and Mitch’s house.

4 Jay Pritchett overcame his flaws

Jay pritchett

Jay Pritchett is the grandfather of Haley, Luke and Alex, the father of Mitch and Claire, the husband of Gloria and the stepfather of Manny. In Season 1, fans see Jay as a tough, old-fashioned guy who struggles to be sentimental or loving, which most of the characters disagree with. Jay is really growing over the 11 seasons, and the birth of Joe has helped him get a second chance at being a good father.

Jay gave up his act of harsh love for the most part and came into contact more with his emotional side. He shares sweet moments with Manny (taking her to Disneyland) and Lily (coaching her through her nerves during her dance recital), and ends up resolving issues with Mitch and Claire that arose when he was in a unhappy marriage with their mother. Jay begins to open up, explaining that his father’s toxic masculinity has been projected onto him and that he’s actually Phil’s most envious, a guy who can be free in himself and happy.

3 Manny Delgado came back to earth

Manny Delgado

Manny Delgado starts Modern family as an adult male trapped in the body of a young boy – drinking coffee from an early age, having emotionally intellectual conversations with adults and a deep interest in literature and theater while being a hopeless romantic. As he lives full time with his mother and rarely sees his father, Manny is a boy-mom and the two are emotionally dependent on each other.

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In Season 9, Manny leaves for college and it marks the start of real character development. Manny becomes more independent (slowly). Through hopeful and failed college romances, he becomes more comfortable with himself. Manny eventually becomes more reasonable in his love life.

2 Alex Dunphy follows his dreams

Alex dunphy

Alex Dunphy is a nerdy, smart and hardworking individual who often finds himself competing with others to be the best. She teases Haley a lot – which Haley sometimes doesn’t understand – because she’s stupid and irresponsible, but it’s actually the glue that holds the household together. In Season 6, the Dunphy family had more fun as Alex spends the summer building houses and tries to get rid of her.

Before she leaves, Alex prevents the house from burning, turns off Haley’s webcam so that she is no longer spied on, and prevents her family from eating rhubarb pie – because they hadn’t cut the leaves. As the seasons go by, Alex becomes a lot more comfortable in his own skin which is nice for the fans to see. She decides to see a therapist to deal with the pressure she puts on herself to perform well in school, and this is a real turning point for her. Alex becomes a well-rounded young woman eager to further her career and academic interests.

1 Luke Dunphy proved he was smarter than he looked

Luc Dunphy

Luke Dunphy looked adorable in season 1 of Modern family – a cheeky, playful kid who was closest to Phil. Luke really brings out the childish side of Phil, and the two are often seen participating in crazy, yet fun, activities. As he enters high school, Luke distances himself from Phil, wanting to be more independent and cool, but becomes jealous when Phil “replaces” him with Andy (Joe’s nanny).

Luke Dunphy is considered quite weak, and most of his (usually good) ideas get thrown off when someone hears the first part – never letting him fully explain himself. But, in season 11, the family takes him more seriously and is surprised to learn that he had the idea to develop an app. On top of that, Luke was accepted to the University of Oregon after spending a year working.

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