5 Benefits of Being Hermione Granger (And 5 Harsh Realities)

the Harry Potter The series may revolve around the adventures of the titular protagonist, but he doesn’t always save the day. It’s not uncommon for his brilliant friend, Hermione Granger, to find solutions to their problems. She is able to cast complicated spells and brew elaborate potions to help Harry succeed. Without her, Harry wouldn’t have come very far.

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Hermione’s own journey through the Harry Potter The series comes with its fair share of joys and burdens, many of which are unique to its character. Being a student at Hogwarts is a dream come true for Hermione, but each year at the famous school she is faced with harsh realities that the magic of the wizarding world cannot hide.

ten Advantage: She is the smartest witch of her generation

hermione making the polyjuice potion

His classmates and Harry Potter fans consider Hermione to be smart. An incredibly intelligent young witch, Hermione often achieves magical feats far beyond her school grade. During her second year, she brews the complicated polyjuice potion and tracks down the true nature of the Slytherin monster.

She excels at charms, with notable examples including the Protean Charm on Dumbledore’s Army Coins and the Undetectable Extension Charm on his infamous Bag of Beads. These skills earn him ten OWLs – nine “Outstanding” and one “Exceeds Expectations”. The only student capable of surpassing her in any class is Harry, in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

9 Harsh reality: his intelligence can distance him from his peers

Harry Potter Spells — Wingardium Leviosa

Being a smart kid isn’t easy, and Hermione is a perfect example of that as her intelligence sets her apart from her peers. She comes across as a boring know-it-all, and her eagerness to impress the teachers doesn’t help. She also has an overbearing personality, which can cause a lot of friction.

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This is the reason why she ends up confronting the troll in The Philosopher’s Stone. She attempts to help Ron Weasley with the Levitation Charm during their lesson, only for him to comment that she is a nightmare. She spends the day crying in the bathroom, where the troll found her. Luckily, Harry’s decision to go after her saves his life and lays the foundation for their friendship.

8 Perk: She receives the privilege of a time turner in her third year

Harry Potter and Hermione The Prisoner of Azkaban

Hermione’s intelligence and perseverance in her schoolwork earn her an unexpected privilege in third year. When she expresses interest in applying for more electives than she normally could have taken, Hermione is granted the use of a Ministry-sanctioned Time Turner in The prisoner of Azkaban.

Thanks to this device, Hermione can attend several classes at the same time. Hermione’s time turner ends up being essential to rescuing Hippogriff Buckbeak and Sirius Black.

7 Harsh reality: being a Muggle-born exposes her to pureblood prejudice

Hermione's Chamber of Secrets

Although Hermione may inadvertently earn the dislike of her classmates through her bossy behavior, she is already at a disadvantage due to her parentage. Since being muggle-born, she is considered inferior by the more bigoted and pureblood members of wizarding society.

Characters like Draco Malfoy often refer to her by the insult “Mudblood”. Prejudice reaches incredibly dangerous levels after Voldemort’s return as Muggle-borns become a primary target for the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters.

6 Advantage: his non-magical family is very proud of his talents

It’s a sad reality, but many Muggle families don’t react well when their children display magical potential. Fortunately, Hermione’s parents are different. While the Grangers do not have a strong presence in the Harry Potter series, the two muggle dentists seem to be proud and encouraging of his talents.

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Considering Hermione’s time at Hogwarts and in the wizarding world, there was a lot of distance between Hermione and her parents. Even so, it’s safe to say that the Grangers did their best to support their daughter.

5 Harsh reality: she is forced to erase the memory of her parents

Hermione Granger makes her parents forget in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1

The war with Voldemort exposes Muggle-borns and their families to life-threatening danger. With Hermione so deeply involved in the conflict, she finds herself forced to make a sacrifice. In The Deathly Hallows: Part One she uses a memory charm, Obliviate, to erase her parents’ memories of her.

The Grangers leave Britain and move to Australia, safe from Voldemort’s attacks. It’s a very difficult choice for Hermione to make, and the scene speaks volumes about the bond that exists between her and her parents. Fortunately, JK Rowling has confirmed that Hermione finds them after the war and restores their memories.

4 Perk: She has a very close bond with Harry and Ron

Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter listen to Dumbledore's will

Although she had trouble fitting in originally, Hermione soon finds herself overcoming most of her social difficulties through her friendship with Harry and Ron. After the incident with the troll, the three become virtually inseparable.

Hermione is the pillar of logic the Golden Trio desperately needs throughout their many confrontations with Voldemort. Their bond helps her grow as a person, gain confidence, and truly embrace her potential as a witch. Later, she and Ron begin a romantic relationship. After the war, they get married and even have children together.

3 Harsh reality: she is brutally cursed and tortured during the war

Bella and Hermione in Harry Potter

Hermione’s friendship with “the chosen one” comes at a price. Rarely are the adventures of the Golden Trio as much fun for the characters as they are for Harry Potter’s public. Hermione is petrified in her second year and only escapes death thanks to her intelligence.

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During her fifth year, while in the Department of Mysteries, she takes a dark curse from Antonin Dolohov. When the Horcrux hunt in Deathly Hallows goes wrong, Hermione is tortured by Helena Bonham Carter’s Bellatrix Lestrange, who carves the word “Mudblood” into her arm. These are just some of the painful experiences she goes through during her time at Hogwarts.

2 Perk: she is elected Minister of Magic after the war

Hermione Granger Wand

After her years at Hogwarts, Hermione continues to work for the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. There she continues her quest to improve the conditions of house-elves and other similar beings.

She eventually moves on to law enforcement, and in 2019 she becomes Minister of Magic. It is an incredible achievement that speaks volumes about his diligence and skill.

1 Hard reality: she and Harry probably should have ended up together

Harry and Hermione

According to Harry, his relationship with Hermione is akin to that of two siblings. However, some viewers still think the two would have made a better couple than Hermione with Ron and Harry with Ginny.

In some ways, this perspective may be influenced by their representation in the Harry Potter movies, where Ginny and Ron didn’t always have time to shine. Even so, the fact remains that Hermione has always been by Harry’s side, even when Ron left them behind. This suggests the pair could have ended up together.

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