5 and why: 5 best things to do on summer vacation

Lounging in the shade of the duck pond on a sunny Monday afternoon were two UNM students, Rose Hurlow and Margaret Glasgow, who agreed to leave Daily Lobo readers on their idea of ​​the five best things to do during summer vacation.

As a second year master’s student and doctoral student. candidate respectively, both agreed that this summer is a time of relaxation. Below are their five favorite things to do during the summer vacation.

River surfing

River surfing is an exciting way to explore different parts of the state, and Glasgow said they both enjoy surfing in New Mexico and Colorado.

“It’s the desert and you can go surfing which is pretty awesome,” Glasgow said.

Glasgow spoke about the surfing community and reiterated that this is an activity they both enjoy doing often.

“We’re also looking for waves that aren’t man-made so we grab our surfboards and just come down parts of the Rio Grande looking for places we can surf,” Glasgow said.

Domestic destinations

Being able to enter stores and restaurants is something the public couldn’t easily do last summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now Hurlow enjoys shopping and dining out again with the reduced public health restrictions.

Hurlow said some of his favorite places are thrift stores, especially Savers, and breweries. A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, Hurlow said there was “more brewing abundance” in Albuquerque along with looser liquor laws. Some of her favorite local spots include High and Dry Brewing and La Cumbre Brewing Co.

Hurlow also mentioned that his Nintendo Switch is an easy way to relax away from the heat, playing games like “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” or, more recently, “The Elder Scrolls V. : Skyrim “.

Johnson Gym

Every day, Hurlow and Glasgow make their way to the newly renovated Johnson Gym at UNM, and Hurlow commented on how few people have been there during the summer. After a quick online reservation, students can go to several installations that the gym offers.

“It’s basically like a private gym right now,” Hurlow said.

Hurlow hadn’t gone to the gym before the renovations, but Glasgow said the difference was clear. One specific improvement is the new weight room, which offers more floor space and ventilation that was not available in the weight training section before.

“Compared to last time I was there, it’s so much better now,” said Glasgow.

Home productivity

After returning from a day’s work, Hurlow enjoys maintaining the productivity of the day by continuing to be active. It ranges from cooking dinner to settling down with a book – the most recent being the “Cormoran Strike” novels under JK Rowling‘s pen name Robert Galbraith.

“Having the time to read – not just for school – is nice,” Hurlow said.

Even focusing on your research without being distracted by class is another avenue of productivity Harlow enjoys participating in.


Hurlow’s primary mode of transportation is by bicycle, even in the heat of summer. As Hurlow lives close to campus, it’s easy for him to walk over and get to work.

The passion was born as an undergraduate student when a roommate was able to offer her a nice bike. Hurlow started biking to work around this time and never stopped, finding an unexpected activity that she enjoys.

From exercising to relaxing at home and more, this summer break is full of opportunities for students to explore what they love most.

Megan Gleason is the editor of the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at [email protected] or on Twitter @ fabflutist2716

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