20 years of escape into the wizarding kingdom of Harry Potter

The Muggle world saw Harry Potter’s big screen debut twenty years ago, and the rest is history.

“The Boy Who Lived” became a fantasy to many, but the books were already making headlines, selling millions of copies, and making history before Harry Potter took over the movie world.

Because everyone else was in love with it, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was probably the first book many Potterheads bought from the bookstore.

It was a wonderful way for a lot of people to step away from reality. While the majority of people are familiar with the cheeky, courageous and lovable trio of the big screen, many people’s journey to Hogwarts began in 1997.

JK Rowling‘s words create the magic that brings the Harry Potter universe to life. Each book in the seven-volume series serves as a stepping stone in Harry’s life as he approaches his teens. Each book focuses on a specific emotion or notion that reflects our teenage life and the society in which we live.

Each book taught us something important that was relevant to our age group. So what are you waiting for? Prepare your brooms, wands and robes as we are about to journey through the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

The realm of the mighty, the twisted and the fearful:

As we walked through the Harry Potter series, we observed how power, corruption, responsibility and terror interact. Harry Potter taught us tolerance; she taught us that no one is fundamentally good or bad and that power is a notion whose application is determined by our nature.

The series taught us about the plight of corrupt souls and power-hungry beings. We’ve seen how power has played a key role throughout the books.

The Malfoys regard the Weasleys with contempt because they have the wealth, position, and power to do so.

Dobby symbolized the struggle of the poor, showing how they are chained by eternal struggle and misery, and how they lack the capacity to be free and can only be emancipated with the help of someone from a powerful class.

Intricacies of emotions and gender:

JK Rowling was unequivocal on one point: Girls are just as powerful as boys, it’s okay for men to cry, and no one is invincible.

Several sequences show Hermione, Jinny and Luna saving the boys from perilous situations. We also watched Harry, Ron, Nevill and Draco express their feelings in front of their loved ones. It convinces you that it is okay to express your emotions because the emotions have nothing to do with your gender.

He has helped several millennia and Generation Z to break the rigid notion that defined the characteristics of a man and a woman.

The value of friendship

Who hasn’t dreamed of having their own trio – made up of nerdy and intelligent Hermione, the still clumsy but supportive Ron, and someone as caring, loving and strong as Harry?

The first lesson we learn from Harry Potter is the value of friendship. You will never be able to accomplish this in life without the help of your friends.

Support for teachers:

For many of us, school and college are gone and we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we are no longer subject to the wrath of our teachers.

However, as we all remember, we all wished for someone like Professor McGonagall. And many of us have been fortunate to have a teacher like her in real life – this teacher who has taught, supported, loved and helped us in various ways. Their hard work and affection made us who we are today.

However, a few teachers weren’t particularly kind to the students, but they also did their best to sculpt us into good human beings – of course we all remember how this whole stuff shaped us into shape. took place with Snape.

Love of family

The word “family” has enormous power. A family is a place where you feel safe, loved, protected, happy and fulfilled.

Many of us are fortunate enough to live with our parents and this is a family to us. Many others, however, do not have parents or live with people who dislike them. These people seek refuge with friends, colleagues or even strangers.

Harry’s situation was similar. We were friendly to Harry when we were younger. But as we got older we realized that Harry came from a very loving family. The Weasleys and his friends always welcomed and loved him, and Hogwarts was his home where he felt happy, safe and content.

Death and Life – Two sides of the same coin:

We all desire the Philosopher’s Stone or Resurrection Stone from time to time so that we can always protect our loved ones safely and exist for hundreds of years.

However, this is not achievable. Because life is so unpredictable, all we have is a little time with our loved ones. One of the most important lessons from Harry Potter was that even the most powerful people will one day fall and disappear. Death can never be avoided.

So make the most of your existence. Cherish the moments you spend with your family, friends and yourself because you will not be able to relive them. Perhaps a spiritual man like Dumbledore, if he existed in this Muggle world, would have advised the same during this pandemic.

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