15 movies and TV shows where celebrities played pranks on set

Celebrities have a lot of free time between shots. When the camera isn’t rolling, they often get mischievous and play pranks on their co-stars. Take a look at 15 examples of sets from various movies where actors played a prank on their co-stars.

1. Emilia Clarke, infamous for her pranks on film sets, once mocked Joseph Naufahu (Khal Moro) as he slept on the EU together. She smeared melting caramel on him.

2. Topher Grace was pranked by Dennis Quaid on the set of In good company. Dennis sent his replacement to act opposite Grace for a scene, and Grace thought Dennis was a diva and got really angry.

3. Dwayne Johnson played a prank on Kevin Hart on the set of the Jumanji reboot. Kevin who has a phobia of spiders used to shoot in a jungle full of tarantulas. The Rock threw a big fake furry spider at Hart just to scare him even more.

4. During filming Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Alan Rickman played a joke on Daniel Radcliffe. In one of the scenes where the students were on the floor in sleeping bags, Rickman put a farting machine in Radcliffe’s sleeping bag and placed it next to a girl he was in.

5. Lain De Caestecker played a joke on Chloe Bennet on the set of Agents of SHIELD. He got an official looking license plate made by the accessories department that said “Ballz Deep” and stuck to the front of his car. Bennet didn’t notice it for a month.

6. The Spider-Man: Homecoming the crew played a prank on Tom Holland by getting him a new chair… which was actually a toilet seat. Holland shared a photo of the same on Instagram, with the caption “I love my new chair. Thanks guys. Should you really treat number one like number two? #no respect.”

7. Bobby DeNiro played a prank on his co-star Nat Wolff on the set of Trainee. When he saw Nat chewing gum, DeNiro suggested putting it under the table, and when Wolff did that, DeNiro went to tell the team how Wolff was putting gum on the tray.

8. On the set of Office, Mindy Kaling invented weird lies for BJ Novak. Novak was so gullible he would always believe them – for example, she claimed that the show’s casting director was also the third leading role in Cold mountain and Novak bought it.

9. Jared Padalecki would try to get Ruth Connell to break her character in Supernatural. While she was doing a scene and he was behind the lens, Connell would bring things like a giant phallic object or a bottle of lube in front of her.

10. Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain played a joke on James McAvoy on the set of X-Men: Black Phoenix. As James hung from wires for a stunt, Sophie and Jessica played the “Macarena” and had the stuntmen marry him to the beat.

11. Justin Long threw up all over Bruce Willis on the set of Live free or die hard. He did it on purpose though. While the duo were in a car swinging for a stunt, Justin asked an assistant to bring him some oatmeal. At the end of the ride, Long unloaded all of the oatmeal in his mouth onto Willis.

12. Amy Schumer played a joke on Judd Apatow while filming Rail accident. Schumer and Apatow were at a restaurant where she ordered wine and looked like they were deciding on a bottle. It made Judd super nervous because he thought they would be late on set. She filmed the reactions at her table.

13. Brad Pitt did an elaborate Wham-themed prank! Silver ball together. Jonah Hill owned a golf cart that Pitt converted to a Wham! mobile fan that had an “I’m Jonah Hill and I love Wham!” sticker.

14. George Clooney played a prank on his co-star Noah Wyle in the 90s on the TV show ‘ER’. Clooney convinced him that they should both send nasty notes to producer Steven Spielberg, but Clooney never sent his and Wyle did.

15. Known for his hit TV show Succession, Jeremy Strong played a joke on co-star Frank Langella. During the filming of The Chicago 7 trial, where Langella played a judge, Strong placed a remote-controlled fart machine behind the judge’s stand.

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