10 times Harry Villain has acted as one in the series

the Harry potter series is based on the experiences of the titular protagonist in The Bewitching World. Harry is known to be a kind, a kindhearted person whose greatest strength is his ability to love and forgive. Still, Harry is human and he has a number of flaws that have made him act like a villain.

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Sometimes Harry behaved like bad guys like Voldemort, Draco Malfoy, and others who had done him wrong. While there were usually reasons for Harry to act out of character, it is interesting to note where Harry let his morals go or just simply went wrong in behaving a certain way.

ten Torture of Harry Amycus Carrow

Driven by his emotions, Harry’s happy and sad times defined his decisions and the times he was angry could be compared to Voldemort’s anger. While Deathly HallowsHarry was angered when Amycus Carrow spat at Professor McGonagall, for whom he used the torture curse on Carrow.

Harry even staged the curse long enough for Carrow to twist unconsciously and admitted he liked the feel. While Carrow was undoubtedly a villain, Harry was not far off at the moment as he delivered severe pain to another person right in front of the others in the Ravenclaw common room.

9 Harry’s pleasure Mocking Fred & George Towards Ron to become Prefect

Fred and George Donner Harry Potter Marauder's Map

Draco Malfoy was the main villain for Harry and his friends at school and he used to prey on Ron Weasley’s biggest fears in making fun of him. Harry acted a bit like Malfoy when Fred and George mocked Ron for being elected as Gryffindor Prefect, going so far as to profit by their punches at Harry’s best friend.

Harry even felt disgusted with himself later when he realized how much of a character he behaved to be envious of Ron’s success. Like Ron’s friend, Harry should have stood up for the Elder and praised him, but the satisfaction he gained from Ron being belittled was much like the way Malfoy behaved.


8 Original Harry Kreacher mistreatment

When Kreacher ‘s question concerned, pretty much everyone except Hermione was a villain. Harry did nothing when he saw the abuse Kreacher suffered at the hands of Sirius; he even found it funny when others made fun of the house elf. Harry himself was horrible to Kreacher when he became the Second Petty Officer and ultimately regretted his past behavior.

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It was when Hermione made him realize that Kreacher’s betrayal of Sirius was only because he was never shown kindness that Harry admitted he had been wrong. Before that, he was party ready with the lack of respect Kreacher had often received.

seven Running away from Harry Hermione during his falling out with Ron

Hermione looking surprised in Deathly Hallows Part 1

While the fandom likes to think of Harry and Ron as true soul mates, they could be mean to Hermione at times. While Prisoner of azkabanHarry sulked Hermione when she and Ron had a fall on Crookshanks supposedly killing Scabs, with Harry to Hermione not talking for weeks.

Hermione had never done anything for Harry, so there was no reason for him to suppress it this way. He flirted with the idea of ​​being a villain towards Hermione when he learned from Hagrid that she had cried over her loneliness, but had absolutely nothing to console or reconcile; he chose to leave Hermione in her emotional turmoil.

6 Harry’s lack of remorse in almost killing Malfoy

There are more than a few memes dedicated to Harry and Draco Malfoy due to the fandom expedition, but they hated each other in the canon. Harry nearly killed Malfoy when he casts the Sectumpsempra curse on his foe, resulting in massive internal injuries that only Snape’s swift intervention healed.

Malfoy is to blame for the confrontation as he tried to use the Cruciatius Curse on Harry, but Harry’s antagonistic streak comes from the fact that he didn’t really feel remorse for almost taking a life. Harry was more concerned with where to hide the Half-Blood Prince book and how to get it back.

5 Sneaky way Harry had beaten Slytherin in Quidditch

Draco pursues Harry in a Quidditch match in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Slytherin Quidditch team have always been presented as villains who used sneaky brute tactics to win while the Gryffindor team were meant to be the good guys. Malfoy’s verbal harassment on the Quidditch pitch was frequently used to establish his villainy as well. However, Harry is the one who used the same attitude Half-Blood Prince to wrest an undeserved victory.

During the match against Slytherin, Harry realized their replacement Seeker, Harper, was about to win and taunted the latter by claiming Malfoy had paid him to take his place. The taunt worked and Harry Harper beaten, but it was far from an honorable victory since Harry resorted to the same means that the bad guys did.

4 Harry’s approval of the curse on Marietta Edgecombe

Harry and Cho Chang from Harry Potter smiling at each other in the demand room

All in all, Marietta Edgecombe did not deserve to be left with the “sneak” scar on her face for life. While she did betray Dumbledore’s Army, Marietta did so because of her fear that her mother, who worked in the ministry, would be fired if she learned of her involvement.

Harry didn’t see it that way and defended Hermione when Cho claimed the curse took it too far. In Half-Blood PrinceHarry spotted Marietta on the Hogwarts Express and noted that she had tried to hide her scars with makeup, but to no avail, which actually gave her a rather twisted sense of fun.

3 Harry’s rationale for assaulting people for his own needs

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The magical nature of the masks in the series is when people are downright assaulted. This includes the moment when Harry and Ron place sedatives in Crabbe and Goyle’s food to knock them out and claim their identities, which all sounds very messed up.

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Harry’s rationale was that he needed to learn more about the Heir of Slytherin, but there’s no denying the fact that he assaulted his classmates, put them away in a closet, and didn’t bothered to check on them later. He and his friends did it again when they infiltrated the ministry, which can be seen as even considering sketching they were adults then.

2 Harry Dudley’s bullying for his fun

Dudley was Harry’s personal nastiness as a child because he had abused him all his youth. He was under a lot of stress by The order of the Phoenix and chose to take on Dudley by harassing him, as he knew Dudley was afraid that Harry would harm him with magic.

In this situation Harry was needlessly mean to Dudley as he had nothing to gain; he didn’t bullied Dudley because he was fun to dish out his frustrations. There was little to separate Dudley from Harry here, as both were bullied by people who couldn’t retaliate against them.

1 Harry Changed Psyche Under The Influence Of The Horcrux Medallion

Someone holding Salazar Slytherin locket in the Harry Potter franchise

In this case, the story deliberately made Harry act like a villain due to the influence of the Horcrux. As Voldemort’s soul was constantly around his neck, Harry started behaving erratically, like yelling at Hermione and leaving her to sob in despair over Ron’s departure.

Harry’s tensions with Ron were high at the time and he sometimes brooded violent thoughts like attacking his best friend. He went on to show that Voldemort’s soul was so bad that he could even make the series protagonist just like the villain, and Harry admitted after he took the Locket off.

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