10 Things Only Diehard Book Fans Know About Prisoner Of Azkaban

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets had failed to perform at the level of other films in the Harry Potter franchise, grossing only around $96 million in domestic box office sales since its release. It is difficult to say to what this is attributed. It’s possible that audiences were hesitant to see the film after the controversy surrounding actor Johnny Depp’s firing from the franchise. However, a common fan complaint about the series is the number of canonical changes made by the films.


Of course, this isn’t new to the world of book-to-screen adaptations. Fans of a book series will often feel frustrated when they see a beloved story altered to better fit the screen. This was certainly the case for many Harry Potter movies, especially prisoner of azkaban. Overall, the film did very well with audiences, but those who read the book for the first time couldn’t help but be disappointed with everything that was left out. From the beloved Marauders’ backstory to character and pet details, there’s a lot about Harry’s third year at Hogwarts that cinema audiences would have missed.

Harry lived in the Leaky Cauldron for several weeks

In the prisoner of azkaban movie, Harry flees after accidentally blowing up his aunt and ends up in the Leaky Cauldron. He spends the night at the inn, and the next day he is happy to find Ron and Hermione there before they all fly off to Hogwarts.

In the book, however, Harry is left alone in the Leaky Cauldron for several weeks before the Weasleys visit him. In fact, it was one of the happiest times in history. Harry was able to live independently from the violent Dursleys, visit Diagon Alley, one of the most beautiful places in Harry Potterand find out what it will be like one day when he can live full-time in the wizarding world.

Marauders played an important role

In the film, Harry receives the Marauder’s Map from Fred and George, which proves very useful in sneaking around the castle. At some point, the map is discovered by Lupin, who mysteriously knows exactly what it is. We never explain to him where he gets this information from, and we never talk about it again.

The book, however, reveals that Lupine had gone by the nickname Moony during his school days and was one of the four Marauders credited with creating the map. Of course, the other members were Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and James Potter. The revelation that Harry’s father had created the map was very significant and one of the most disappointing revelations to be left out of the movie.

Harry’s father was an animagus

Throughout the prisoner of azkaban book, Harry attempts to master the Patronus spell with limited results. However, in the end, when Harry has to fight off hundreds of Dementors to save himself and Sirius, he finally produces a silver deer.

While the big “Execto Patronum” moment is dramatic in the PoA movie, it doesn’t have the same effect as in the book, where readers know that James Potter could turn into a deer. In fact, all Marauders could transform into animals. The film revealed that Sirius and Peter were Animagi, but it was never explained that they did this to better be there for their werewolf pal or that James was one too.

Crookshanks and Sirius were friends

Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks, was first introduced in prisoner of azkaban. In the book, Harry accompanies Hermione to the pet store where she purchased the Grumpy Cat, which continues to be the focus of the book’s central mystery for the remaining chapters.

Crookshanks behaved very strangely throughout his first year with Hermione. He showed an apparent hatred for Scabbers, which was, of course, the most dangerous pet in Harry Potter. However, what Harry noticed was the fact that Crookshanks seemed to enjoy the company of a certain haunting big black dog he had befriended.

Harry got the Firebolt before the big reveal

In the prisoner of azkaban movie, Harry goes the rest of the school year without a broom after his Nimbus 2000 is destroyed. the film ends as Harry uses it to cross the sky.

However, in the book, Harry receives his Firebolt from a mysterious person long before the events of the Shrieking Shack. Hermione and Professor McGonagall suspected that Sirius had been the sender, and the broom was confiscated to make sure it wouldn’t be dangerous.

Harry and Hermione had a fight

Even though Harry knew his life was in danger, the gift of the world’s fastest racing broom was just too much for him to resist. Therefore, when a Firebolt mysteriously arrived for him, he was determined not to tell any of the teachers, knowing they wouldn’t let him keep it.

However, Hermione decided the risk was just too high and went behind Harry’s back to report the gift to Professor McGonagall. As he suspected, the broom had been swept away and Harry was furious with his friend. While Ron and Hermione often argued and stopped talking, it was the only time Harry completely broke contact with a heartbroken Hermione.

Sirius thought Lupine was a double agent.

In the PoA book, Lupine had already suspected that Sirius was leaking information before the Potters died. This suspicion, combined with his belief that Sirius was the Potter’s secret keeper, led him to conclude that Sirius was truly responsible.

However, in a quote from Sirius that should have been in the film, it is revealed that he had specifically misled Lupine into thinking he was the secret keeper since he suspected his former werewolf friend of to be a double agent. Sirius had secretly suggested that James return the honor to Peter. Of course, this ultimately ensured the death of the Potters and that Sirius himself would go to prison without any defense from Lupin.

Ron was a strong and brave character

There wasn’t much positive to say about Ron Weasley’s character in the prisoner of azkaban film. Not only was he generally considered a coward, but he was too cruel to Hermione. This was not the case with his counterpart in the book, who, though often intactful, was loyal and courageous.

For example, when Snape mocks Hermione for being a know-it-all, Ron disagrees with the professor like he did in the movie. Instead, he bravely stood up to her and told Snape not to ask questions if he didn’t want Hermione to answer. Then, when he thought Sirius would kill Harry, he bravely stood between them, broken leg and all.

Snape completely lost his temper

Snape was a very flawed character, but the Harry Potter movies often showed him in a much more flattering light. It was most common in prisoner of azkabanwhere Snape only made light jokes about Lupin’s status as a werewolf and bravely stood in front of his students to protect them.

In the book, however, Snape demonstrated how much of a schoolboy he had become when it came to James Potter and his friends. Lupin’s presence at the school, combined with the knowledge that Sirius was on the loose, brought back his determination to get revenge. When Sirius escaped, the potions professor kicked and screamed like a child, which perfectly summed up Snape’s character in the movie. Harry Potter books.

The explanation of how Sirius escaped

The prisoner of azkaban The film clearly shows that Sirius Black was the first person to escape from Azkaban prison. The fortress on the island had always been able to contain its prisoners, especially with the help of the terrifying Dementor guards.

However, in the book, Sirius explains that he had barely existed during his time in prison, and despair rendered him unable to transform. That changed, however, when he saw Peter Pettigrew as a rat in a photo of the Weasleys in the Daily Prophet. His need for revenge brought him back to life, and since the Dementors couldn’t sense an animal’s soul, he transformed and slipped away.

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