10 Shows That Reddit Users Say Made Them Better People

From highlighting simple pleasures taken for granted to encouraging fans to rate their friendships, some shows offer their viewers an escape while others give viewers insight into how they can become better people. These shows prove how television can change people’s lives.

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Reddit user 867-5308 reflected on his own experience with TV shows that encouraged him to reflect on his life in an effort to become a better person. By seeking help from other users, a comprehensive list of TV shows has been created to showcase the programs that continue to have a lasting impact on fans. Here are just 10 that have changed people’s lives for the better.


Shameless (2011-2021)

Shameless offers its viewers a refreshing depiction of a family with deep-rooted issues and traumas that have led many viewers to resonate with the Gallagher family. The show continues to be a hit for its combination of romance, drama and comedy with many fans saying it made them better.

Shameless can represent many important issues that encourage viewers to come to terms with their own emotions. It also simultaneously encourages fans to assess their relationships with those responsible for this past trauma. HMW3 explained that “Shomeless is also another really good show for resolving those feelings that are all locked inside of you,” which has allowed many fans to express the difference the show has made to their lives.

Roseane (1988-1997)

Final Season Dream Sequence in Roseanne

Roseane is a show about a family that gives viewers a true portrait of family life, with the Conner family soon becoming one of the cutest sitcom families. Roseanne was the perfect portrayal of a working-class mother who was exemplified only by the show’s ability to portray working-class culture and the importance of family over material possessions.

Reddit user mohammedmirza explained how “there is so much great material in this show about money, family and love.” The show has made many fans feel grateful for their families and the simple pleasures they experience every day, which has given many a new outlook on life.

Joy (2009-2015)

Kurt Burt Hummel Joy

Joy had many flaws. For all its misdeeds, however, it had a very diverse cast and interesting storylines that touched on important topics in an effort to shed light on the injustices happening in high school and the world at large. MarriedToReddit was a fan who shared this Joy “really helped [them] realize certain things about the struggles that certain minorities have to go through”.

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Many fans continue to believe that the show highlighted some real issues that some people are facing in society. This type of portrayal made fans of the show aware of how to treat people and hold others accountable for bad behavior, which made viewers adopt a new attitude towards society.

Sesame Street (1969–present)

sesame street is among the best shows for preschoolers even today, but the show has an underlying purpose that many fans don’t know about. The show has a long history of subtle teaching to children through the work of its writers alongside education specialists. He also paid attention to the emotional well-being of his viewer by emphasizing the importance of strong relationships and open conversations.

Pellimoon shared her own experience with the show as an adult viewer and explained that she “shows[ed them] healthy inter and intrapersonal relationships [….] between people who need help […] and the people who are willing to give it away.” It was something shared by many viewers and ultimately led fans to assess what a healthy relationship is and how to express themselves about how they feel.

Modern Family (2009- 2020)

Claire and Phil smile as Alex and Haley kiss in Modern Family

modern family may be a sitcom, but this fan-favorite show contains its fair share of heartwarming moments that brought many viewers to tears. The Three Families shows represent the modern family through struggles, huge life changes, and endless realms of support that have led many fans to find new love and gratitude for their family.

However, for an outsized average, the show’s character, Phil Dunphy, has become a role model for them, with the user claiming that “his passion when it comes to his family and his work is something that [they] want to be someday.” The show represented honest family life while giving viewers something to aim for when starting families of their own, making them better people.

Community (2009-2015)

Donald Glover as Troy Barnes.

There are several things that only hardcore fans know Community but one thing all of his viewers can agree on is that it made them better people. On the surface, the show is about a chaotic group of people who become unlikely friends. For many, the show taught them an important lesson about the beneficial role of friendships.

ThatIrishDude explained that “it helped [them] realize that people in [their] life aren’t just here to talk. They are here to help you [them] learn and become a better human being”. The group of unlikely friends help each other heal, give each other advice, and even help each other grow. Their friendship on the show is impactful and highlights how good friendships can make you a better person, encourage fans to surround themselves with good people.

Doctor Who (1963–present)

David Tennant and Catherine Tate as Doctor Who and Donna Noble in The Runaway Bride

Doctor Who is one of the longest-running sci-fi shows, but its dedication to fantasy still leaves a lasting impact on its fans. Every doctor treated new life forms as something that should be celebrated rather than feared.

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TheLastGunslinger suggests that the series “teaches people to be less cynical and to see the world/universe with a sense of wonder”, which has led many fans to take a more open approach to the world around them. Doctor Who encourages viewers to see fascination through a lens that moves away from the somewhat “nerdy” stereotypes that haunt science fiction. This led viewers to ask viewers to take a fresh look at things that might go against the norm.

The Wire (2002-2008)

Jimmy and Bunk standing by a car in The Wire.

Thread is a drama series with the best viewing value, it’s hard-hitting, edgy, and even educational for adults and young adults. The show may be a crime drama, but it also poses some very honest portrayals of urban poverty. LookAnOwl was quick to champion pedagogical reasoning for Thread stating that they believe “Season 4 should be mandatory for any teacher”.

Thread highlights America’s injustice and the impact it has on the younger generation within the education system, emphasizing the role of poverty and the lack of access that many children are confronted. The show’s raw portrayal encourages viewers to reflect on their role in society and challenges them to fight against the injustices they encounter in life.

Six Feet Under (2001-2005)

Six feet Under ground is a quirky yet emotional timepiece that gives new value to someone’s life and final moments. It encourages viewers to reflect on the brevity of life. The show focuses on the aftermath of the death of a loved one and the impact it can have on their family members through emotional goodbye scenes.

Reddit user [deleted] explained that the show “did [them] enjoy living a little more” by placing new value on the meaning of life and how its importance is only understood when life ends. Six feet Under ground stirs up many emotions, but it also inspires fans to live life to the fullest and not take it for granted, leaving many with revitalized motivation for life after being reminded of how fragile it is.

The Simpsons (1989–present)

The Simpsons Maggie Maggie

The simpsons’ long-running television has somehow earned its place as a hilarious yet educational program that has a huge impact on the lives of many people. Reddit user youoldsoandso explained that they “learned about United States history, world history, literature, physics, theology, philosophy, and good storytelling from the endless hours that I spent watching this show.”

The show touched on many topics while depicting the realities of family life while providing viewers with a wealth of knowledge often useful during the pub quiz. The simpsons show that television is not only responsible for entertaining viewers, but also for educating them and making them the best possible version of themselves.

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