10 PS2 games that are better when you’re an adult

What is currently possible in modern games is truly amazing, but it’s also important not to forget the simpler time when Sony Playstation 2 was the pinnacle of technology. Gaming has come a long way since the PS2, but there are countless titles on Sony’s groundbreaking console that were crucial to the growth of the industry and where video games are today.

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Many PlayStation 2 classics can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages, but there are also certain gems that hit even harder when played. lived as an adult.

ten Silent Hill 2 is a psychologically haunting journey through grief and depression

James confronts Maria in Silent Hill 2

The survival horror genre has become one of the most popular gaming niches, but more often than not the focus is on violence and visceral terrors as opposed to psychologically disturbing content that really gets under the skin of the player. public. Silent Hill 2 is one step ahead of its predecessor, with its emotionally mature story where James Sunderland searches for his missing wife. Young audiences can complete Silent Hill 2, but the game is a weighty meditation on loss that will resonate much more strongly for older players who have experienced the weight of life.

9 Okami’s art has maturity and depth

Okami HD Scenic Overlook Screenshot

Okami is an ambitious action-adventure title where the audience controls a mystical wolf god, Amaterasu. There is a traditional story of good versus evil in Okami, and its striking artistic design should appeal to audiences of all ages. However, many of Okamiit is The story draws from Japanese folklore and classical history, which is easier for adults to dissect. There’s a lot of depth to this creative world, but the finer details can be missed in exchange for increased action that minimizes Okami like a nuanced work of art.

8 Xenosaga tells a sprawling story that expects a lot from its audience

Gameplay still from Xenosaga

RPGs have an increasingly massive reach, and there’s a fine line between a tedious adventure and a sprawling story that justifies a long expedition. Xenosaga Episode I is a groundbreaking PlayStation 2 RPG that still tells its story today through sequels, spin-offs, and anime adaptations.

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Xenosaga is a daring adventure set in the future, but there’s an awful lot of detail that goes into the game’s many characters and the story of its fractured world. Xenosaga is the type of RPG that rewards repeat play and getting lost in its world, which is sometimes a luxury young audiences don’t have.

seven Metal Gear Solid 2’s grandiose story and risque pivots work best with age

raiden realizes he is in over his head

Hideo Kojima is one of the most ambitious and influential developers in the video game industry, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is a coronation even two decades after its original release on PlayStation 2. Solid Metal Gear 2it is biggest obstacle it’s how much it shifts gears from its previous installment, to how it fools the audience with how Raiden is the real main character. The significant ways in which this sequel subverts expectations are easier to appreciate by more experienced players, and so are the existential motivations that drive its over-the-top finale.

6 Shadow Of The Colossus requires a seasoned player to properly enjoy

Wander fights a colossus in the game Shadow of the Colossus

Team Ico are prolific game developers who create video games that truly look like art. The shadow of the colossus is a PS2 title that must be experienced, but its minimalist story, open world and the level of freedom it gives the player can easily overwhelm less experienced players. The shadow of the colossus is such a triumph because it charts its own path and feels like something new, but it’s easy to quickly dismiss complex storytelling like this as boring to those who don’t understand it.

5 Fatal Frame 2 is a terrifying journey through Japanese folklore and spirituality

Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly Twins

the fatal frame survival horror series never found the same level of glory as resident Evil Where silent Hill, but they’re still terrifying, drawing inspiration from existing Japanese folklore and urban legends.

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All PlayStation 2s fatal frame the games are awesome, but the second entry, crimson butterfly, explores some particularly dark ideas that may be more difficult to process properly for younger audiences. All the weight of horrors in Fatal Frame II is present only for those who dig into all the hidden mysteries of the game.

4 Kingdom Hearts’ friendly characters are lost in a surprisingly dense world

Goofy, Sora, Donald, Aladdin and Genie

An RPG that combines Square video game icons with Disney’s most popular characters and properties will immediately appeal to young audiences. Kingdom Hearts is a baffling franchise it kind of sticks its landing, but it got progressively more complex, and it got to a point where the story is practically incomprehensible. It’s obvious that Kingdom Hearts is going to attract a younger crowd, but most of them will be completely mystified by the story decisions made by the game.

3 Beyond good and evil fights with high ideas

Beyond good and evil Jade and Pey'J

There are plenty of PlayStation 2-era titles that feature groundbreaking ideas and concepts, but technology has yet to reach a point where these bold experiments can be done justice or properly brought together. Beyond Good and Evil offers audiences unprecedented freedom in what they can do with Jade as she works against a fearsome alien conspiracy. This is another situation where the game is layered with intoxicating literary references and philosophical themes, but they can be too much for the uninitiated and make this game rich as well as cumbersome.

2 Bullying risks influencing a younger crowd

Rockstar is a video game studio that has made a name for itself with a number of games that turn physical violence into an open-world playground of chaos. Titles like Grand Theft Auto Where Red Dead Redemption at least provide proper contexts for all this action, but bully remains one of Rockstar’s Most Controversial Games because it takes place in a boarding school with a group of juvenile delinquents. Adults understand that bully is a game where the behavior isn’t meant to be idolized, but it’s harder for young people to exercise the same level of discretion, especially if they’re the same age as the game’s angsty anti-hero.

1 TimeSplitters 2 ideas and humor works best for adults

TimeSplitters 2 Cry of Siberia

Shooters have gained a great deal of depth in more recent generations of games, but there has been an extended period where smooth mechanics and gameplay have taken precedence over any sort of character development or larger narrative. the Time Separators franchise is responsible for some important breakthroughs in the first-person shooter genre, and Time Separators 2 is a triumph of action, comedy and science fiction. The full range of references in Time Separators 2 will only make sense to an older audience who knows the important events in the story.

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