10 Movies Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Every Family Must See

There was a time when superhero movies were widely considered the domain of children and teenagers. Today, this is no longer considered the case. But you still sometimes get superhero movies that are aimed squarely at younger people with great results. “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” is one such movie that harnesses superhero tropes to tell a joyous story about school friendships.

George Beard and Harold Hutchins are fourth-grade students, where they write comics and prank their teachers, especially the school principal, Mr. Benjamin “Benny” Krupp. Tired of his constant efforts to keep them apart, George and Harold manage to hypnotize Krupp into believing he’s a superhero named Captain Underpants who saves the world on a daily basis – but, more importantly, leaves George and Harold alone.

With a fast pace and plenty of slapstick humor, “Captain Underpants” is aimed at young fans of the book series on which the film is based. The imaginative storyline involving superheroes, mind control, and a nefarious attempt to rid the world of laughter make for an engrossing viewing experience, though the fast, uninterrupted pace of the story can sometimes leave audiences feeling a little lost.

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