10 Movie Villains Scarier Than Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy is not an admirable character. Coming from a pureblood family, Draco harbors prejudice against Muggle-borns and views anyone who associates with them, such as the Weasleys, as blood traitors. Additionally, he has a snobby mentality towards anyone with less money than him.

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However, Draco struggles with pressure from his family and fears figures such as Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, and other members of Voldemort’s army. As a taunting and cowardly school bully, Draco is more of an annoying obstacle than a respectably formidable villain. Many other movie villains are scarier than Draco Malfoy.

ten The Joker is violently unpredictable (The Dark Knight)

Appearing mysteriously in Gotham with no known past, The black Knight‘s Joker embodies the darkest and most chaotic parts of human nature. After the criminal organizations hire him to get rid of Batman, the Joker reveals his true plan. He backfires on the people who hired him, and his true purpose is revealed to be his own game for Gotham’s soul.

He successfully corrupts Harvey Dent by betraying the ideals he strove to uphold, strategically kills and maims, and constantly manipulates so it’s hard to tell when he’s lying or what his goals are.

9 JD is worse than the bullies he fights (Heathers)

heather James Dean (JD) is first introduced as a cool rebel who falls in love with Veronica. He initially seems like a breath of fresh air in contrast to the posh titular clique. JD poisons Heather with a cup of drain cleaner, and suddenly, clique leader Heather Chandler is dead. Although Draco tried to kill his classmates at Hogwarts, he never succeeded.

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J.D. plots against the other bullies at their school with similar lethal means and drags Veronica along with him. When she objects and tries to end the relationship, he becomes aggressive and possessive, intends to kill her too, and tries to blow up the whole school.

8 Frollo seeks to exterminate an ethnic group of religious extremism (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

What Makes Disney’s Judge Claude Frollo The Hunchback of Notre Dame so frightening is his blind belief that his hatred is justified. Hating the Roma who live in Paris, Frollo plots to get rid of them all, seeing them as less than human.

He murders the mother of a child and reluctantly adopts her child. Frollo is also fixated on Esmeralda, a member of the community he persecutes. He blames her for her desire even as he nags and pursues her against her will, while claiming that he is not wrong.

7 Annie Wilkes captures and physically injures her favorite author (Misery)

Misery is the film adaptation of Stephen King’s psychological thriller of the same name. After author Paul Sheldon is injured in a car accident, he is rescued by a nurse who claims to be his biggest fan. However, Annie soon proves deceptive as she holds Paul hostage in his isolated home. She physically tortures Paul to force him to write his next novel after discovering that he killed his favorite character.

To make her character even creepier, Annie prefers to use substitutions for swear words and wears a cheerful facade that shatters whenever she is displeased. Paul even discovers proof that she once killed children in her job as a nurse.

6 Old Nick kidnaps teenage girl and holds her for years (bedroom)

We don’t see much of Old Nick in A24 Room, but that doesn’t make it any less wicked. Seven years before the start of the story, Old Nick kidnapped a teenage girl named Joy and imprisoned her in his shed, subjecting her to sexual and physical abuse. Eventually, Old Nick impregnated Joy and she gave birth to Jack in captivity.

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Joy adores her son but rightly hates her captor and tirelessly drives Jack away from the monster that stole his life. Eventually, Joy concocts an escape plan by faking Jack’s death. Viewers are taken on an exciting and life-changing adventure as Joy and Jack, who had never seen the outside world before, discover the world they have both been deprived of while their captor is incarcerated. While Draco Malfoy did terrible things, old Nick’s crimes are far more despicable.

5 Regina George targets others through passive aggression and gossip (Mean Girls)

As the protagonist of mean girls said, “all fights had to be underhanded.” That sums up the tactics of Regina George, the queen of plastics at North Shore High School. Instead of being direct or physically confrontational, Regina uses psychological and emotional manipulation to control people.

When her reputation is ruined and she is replaced by Cady, Regina retaliates by causing a mass riot among the high school’s female population. She does this by spreading herself through the pages of the Burn Book to blame other plastics. As far as school bullies go, Regina was far worse than Draco Malfoy.

4 Lady Tremaine abuses her stepdaughter and forces her into bondage (Cinderella)

Out of jealousy of the titular character’s beauty, talent, and kindness, CinderellaLady Tremaine makes Cinderella a servant in her household after her father’s death. Lady Tremaine spoils her two daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, and neglects Cinderella.

Lady Tremaine’s pettiness is truly one of the most terrifying aspects of her character, as it leads her to belittle and abuse Cinderella at every opportunity. She provokes her children to rip off Cinderella’s first ball gown and then locks Cinderella in her bedroom to prevent her from marrying the prince.

3 Agatha Trunchbull bullies her students (Matilda)

Possessing a great hatred of children, Agatha Trunchbull of Matilda is the feared principal of Crunchem Hall Elementary School. She is immensely proud of her impressive physique and her past Olympic record, but she uses it to bully her students. She locks them in the “Chokey” for infractions, throws a girl by the hair just to get pigtails, and constantly terrorizes and belittles the students.

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She is no less gruesome in her backstory, where it is revealed that she may have murdered her brother-in-law Magnus, Miss Honey’s father. Additionally, Agatha physically abused her niece and stole both the inheritance and the home that was rightfully hers.

2 Aliens slaughter everything and anyone who makes noise (a quiet place)

On a post-invasion Earth where alien creatures hunt by sound, the Abbott family survives on their farm in A silent place through sensible techniques such as sand paths, light signals and the use of ASL. The human survivors are forced to live a quiet life lest they attract the aliens who will kill anything for making too much noise. Harry Potter the characters would much rather stand up to Draco than these aliens.

It’s not explicitly stated why aliens even hunt, but the lack of trivialities surrounding aliens makes them even scarier. Like A calm location characters don’t know much about aliens, viewers can experience the scary situation from the perspective of the main characters.

1 Syndrome sacrifices countless lives for his self-centered mission (The Incredibles)

Annoyed by his idol for rejecting him as a child and wishing he was born super, The Incredibles‘ Buddy Pine develops new weapons so he can perform a situation where supers are needed. He plans to play hero with his new resources and names himself “Syndrome”. Sickeningly, he repeatedly tests his Omnidroid robot on supers who are dissatisfied with their lives under the superhero relocation program.

Syndrome then sacrifices them to the Omnidroid while making them believe they are fighting for the greater good. Already guilty of countless murders, Syndrome attempts to kill Mr. Incredible’s family and nearly gets away with kidnapping his infant son.

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