10 Most Unnecessary Changes The Harry Potter Movies Made, According To Ranker

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets is now officially available for streaming and digital purchase with select services. So fans of Harry Potter series that couldn’t make it to the cinema can finally learn the revelations about the Dumbledore family. While many of these secrets were illusory in JK Rowling’s original books, others appear to be brand new additions to Albus’ story, creating significant shifts in his story.

While it’s impossible to say what Rowling has or hasn’t done for her characters in advance, changes from a story’s original canon, for screen sake, are nothing new. Adapting a book to a film comes with several challenges, and fundamental shifts to bring it all together are inevitable. However, fans noticed several changes in the Harry Potter series that seemed completely unnecessary. From changes in Harry’s personality to adding scenes like the Burrow fire, fans on private soldier voted for the Harry Potter film change they found most unnecessary.

Note: Ranking lists are live and continue to accumulate votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten The Department of Mysteries

Harry Ron Hermione Neville Luna and Ginny at the Department of Mysteries

One of the most enjoyable scenes in the The order of the Phoenix The book was Harry and company’s journey through the Department of Mysteries. Each room was filled with impossible-to-explain magic and strange concepts, presenting obstacles as difficult to overcome as the prowling Death Eaters.

However, when the movie was released, many were disappointed that the Department of Mysteries had been completely changed. Of course, one would expect there to be considerably fewer parts and magical quirks than in the books due to the time constraints of a movie. Still, removing all the aspects that made the department so cool was unnecessary.

9 The relationship between Lupin and Tonks

Handed over Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks are dead.

Readers have followed the ups and downs of Tonks and Lupin’s relationship across multiple books from the Harry Potter series. At first it was a mystery to Harry why Tonks was so depressed, but then he learned that Lupine was resistant to their romance. When he finally gave in to his feelings, they faced several other difficulties but welcomed a baby boy, Teddy.

Much to the chagrin of the public, the bones of Tonks and Lupin’s story had been removed from the films. In Deathly Hallows part 1the two were suddenly together, and the next thing everyone knew, the best couple in the Harry Potter the series was dead. While the buildup to their romance may not have been necessary, the birth of their son would have had a significant impact on movie audiences and brought home the tragedy of the characters’ deaths.

8 Simplified characters

An image of Hermione, Harry and Ron standing together in the movies

Without the books’ internal dialogue, movie characters can often appear flat compared to their printed counterparts. The scriptwriters must rely on the interactions between the characters to build their personality and communicate what they think and feel. Although this is a problem in any film, the Harry Potter the films seemed to make little effort to construct Harry, Ron, and Hermione in a way comparable to how they were originally written.

In the film, Harry is much less sassy and temperamental than in the books. Likewise, Hermione is portrayed as perfect instead of the closed-minded, flawed character that she is, and Ron loses his intelligence and serves mostly as comic relief. Ultimately, fans felt the movie could have done more to make these characters feel vibrant.

seven The relationship between Harry and Hermione

An image of Harry and Hermione standing on a rocky cliff in Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 1

In the books, it’s clear that Harry was never attracted to Hermione. From day one, he considered her only a sister. Although Ron wasn’t so sure, there was no doubt for Harry or Hermione that they were just best friends.

However, the movies tended to blur those lines, and several viewers became more invested in Harry and Hemione’s relationship than they ever were Hermione and Ron or Harry and Ginny. The Elders appeared in the plot as an afterthought, while Harry and Hermione felt more like an endgame.

6 Wizarding world clothes

Harry Potter Fred George Prisoner of Azkaban

In the books, wizards who grew up in the wizarding world often had a hard time blending in with Muggles because they couldn’t get the style right. Witches and wizards traditionally wore robes, so the intricacies of muggle fashion puzzled them.

This is not the case in the movies. Students in particular wear jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, and sneakers. Adults are often seen wearing traditional jackets, with even Dumbledore in fantastic beasts sporting a chic suit and a peacoat. While this is likely done to help audiences connect more with the characters, it also seems to break the spell of the contrasting wizarding world.

5 Harry and Voldemort’s Final Battle

Voldemort: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Of course, the final battle in the Harry Potter series of books had readers sitting on the edge of their seats. Harry and Voldemort slowly circled the Great Hall as the Death Eaters and Hogwarts fighters watched in silence. Harry tried to warn Voldemort that he couldn’t win, but the Dark Lord cast his curse anyway. The battle ended with Tom Riddle lying dead on the ground, nothing but a man.

This ending was a perfect climax to the long and beloved series, but the cinematic version of events let many down. The final battle took place privately in the schoolyard and Voldemort disintegrated into dust. Ultimately, this ending didn’t do the story justice and left many wondering why it was changed.

4 The burrow fire

Although there are several movie scenes in Harry Potter which fans often confuse with book canon, the Burrow burning is not one of them. Bellatrix and Fenrir Greyback appearing out of nowhere, setting the house on fire, and being chased across the fields by Harry added nothing to the story and ultimately contradicted several plot points.

For example, Harry was under Voldemort’s constant protection. If it was so easy for the Death Eaters to find him and blow up the house he was staying in, they could have killed Harry long ago. It gets even more frustrating when people consider all the missed scenes from the books that could have been included if time hadn’t been wasted on this unnecessary addition.

3 Break the elderberry wand

Harry Potter looking at Elder Wand

At the end of Deathly HallowsHarry got the most dangerous type of wand in the Harry Potter series. However, even Dumbledore had failed to keep it out of dangerous hands, showing Harry how risky it was to continue wielding the powerful weapon. In the book, Harry used the elder wand to fix his own, then put it back in Dumbledore’s grave. Although there were no guarantees, he hoped it would ensure that the power of the wand would one day die with him.

Of course, breaking the wand in half and throwing it down a canyon would have been a surefire way to end the Death Stick’s power, which Harry did in the movie. However, if it had been possible, Dumbledore surely would have done it long ago. Fans were left annoyed that the movie Harry so easily broke the most powerful wand in existence without at least fixing his own wand first.

2 The Simplified History of Barty Crouch Jr

Barty Crouch Jr. arrested at Karkarov trial in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

All Goblet of Fire was dedicated to finding out who put Harry’s name in the goblet. Of course, the big reveal was that it was Mad-Eye Moody, who was actually Barty Crouch Jr. in disguise. With the help of Veritaserum, the impostor explained in the book that his father broke him out of prison and held him prisoner himself under the Imperius Curse until he eventually escaped. and join his master.

However, the entire Crouch Jr story was omitted from the film. Instead, the character was only briefly shown onscreen before being sent back to Azkaban without any explanation of what happened. This greatly cheapened that year’s convoluted plot, leaving fans frustrated.

1 Remove Voldemort’s Backstory

Tom Riddle glares in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry spent his sixth year at Hogwarts learning the story of Voldemort. Dumbledore wanted Harry to understand who Tom Riddle was, like his parentage, and how he behaved during and after his time at Hogwarts. This research revealed the Harry Potter wicked as a cunning man whose pride ensured he could never comprehend the power of love.

However, most of Tom Riddle’s story was cut from the movies. All that was left was the basics of the Horcruxes, which had less impact without the information from the books. The omission of this story resulted in a frustratingly flat villain and many fans expecting more.

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