10 most powerful magical creatures shown in the movies, ranked

Throughout the Harry potter movies, witches and wizards are considered all-powerful when they master magic, whether they use it for good or for evil. However, in the Wizarding World there are many other powerful entities that could match or surpass most witches and wizards in a fight.

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Some magical creatures are small, adorable, and peaceful, while others combine majestic looks and movement with overwhelming power and strength. Many are happy to live their lives in peace, but any aggravation or instigation will likely cause them to unleash their power over anyone.

ten Thestrals are graceful and calm but have a menacing aura and origin

Harry Potter Luna Thestral

Thestrals are equally beautiful and menacing. Only visible to people who witnessed death, these winged horses are skeletal in appearance and somewhat gentle in nature. They are believed to be carnivorous but do not pose a real threat to humans unless seriously provoked, which they are not during the Harry potter movies. They are portrayed as intelligent beasts, but their appearances in the movies are limited to transporting witches and wizards and confusing those who cannot see them.

9 Hippogriffs become hostile if they are not respected

Buckbeak in the forest

Hippogriffs are not necessarily stronger or more powerful than sostrals in the far reaches of the Harry potter movies. Either way, such a comparison is not directly made or explored. Hagrid’s friend and hippogriff Buckbeak is featured in his first class as a Magical Creature Care Teacher, with special effects making him particularly impressive.

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Hippogriffs are known to command and demand respect, they become particularly aggressive and dangerous if not respected, as seen when Buckbeak attacked Draco Malfoy. Buckbeak later fights a werewolf, which is no small feat in itself, before transporting Sirius Black to safety.

8 Acromantulas give arachnophobes reason to be afraid

The Acromantulas are Ron Weasley’s nightmare but are not seen in direct combat until the final film. Their appearance in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ultimately confines himself to trapping Harry and Ron before subsequently stalking them without success.

Their intention to hunt and eat the students is reason enough to suspect the potential power and malicious nature of the giant spiders, and their services are enlisted by Voldemort in the attack on Hogwarts. With Aragog’s size and the revelation that they are poisonous, Harry and Ron were certainly lucky to get away with virtually unscathed in their second year.

7 House elves possess magical abilities that rival those of witches and wizards

harry potter dobby

Besides their small size, house elves should be viewed in the same way as witches and wizards, as they can use magic in the same way as their masters.

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Dobby showcased his own talents on several occasions during the Harry potter franchise of films, causing problems for several wizards with his quick wit and magical prowess, ultimately giving his life for his human friends. Dobby’s ability to outsmart anyone while still being seriously underrated is an impressive trait in itself and is undoubtedly applicable to others of his kind.

6 Werewolves are unpredictable and vicious


Two different werewolves are encountered during the Harry potter movies, Remus Lupine and the Death Eater Fenrir Greyback. One is a slave to his curse, while the other kisses him to commit acts of pure evil.

Lupin’s werewolf form was fought by Buckbeak in Prisoner of azkaban after injuring Sirius Black, while Fenrir caused panic and trauma by mowing down Hogwarts students in the final battle. Werewolves, like humans, can come in many different shapes and sizes, with some more threatening than others.

5 Grawp and Hagrid are rare examples of benevolent and virtually harmless giants

Harry Ron Hermione Hagrid Grawp

While there are instances of giants like Grawp and Hagrid being gentle and not particularly threatening, despite the latter being a half-giant, giants are generally feared and revered for their power and size. Harry potter universe.

This power is evoked by Grawp’s awkwardness in The order of the Phoenix but is fully featured in the Battle of Hogwarts, with the giants fighting for Voldemort and smashing the school’s defenses. While there is not much to Giants beyond their physical strength, that alone is enough to position them among the most powerful magical creatures.

4 The phoenix is ​​mysterious and beautiful

Phoenix Fawkes

The phoenix is ​​not particularly known for its combat prowess, but whenever a phoenix (Fawkes) appears in the Harry potter movies, the mystical bird has a powerful and majestic aura about it.

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Whether he ignites and helps Dumbledore in a daring escape from the Ministry or aiding Harry against the Basilisk, the Phoenix is ​​presented as a powerful entity that fans generally wanted to see more of. The fact that powerful wands are often constructed using phoenix feathers should suggest just how powerful the creatures are.

3 Dementors offer a fate worse than death

dementor kiss

The general description of a dementor is enough to scare anyone, even without seeing him in action. From the dark, masked figure and his floating movements, to his terrifying ability to suck the souls of their victims, Dementors are the embodiment of death.

The ability to leave a human alive but a shell of their former self with no feelings, memories or general sense of being is a terrifying prospect, which is why it is used as a deterrent and punishment for criminals in the wizarding world. .

2 Basil is more than just a big snake

Basilisk harry potter

While Voldemort’s serpent Nagini is terrifying and intimidating enough despite being just a large serpent in terms of size, Basilisk is in a whole different league. With the ability to kill someone just by closing their eyes with them, their size and power, not to mention the sharp fangs, make those eyes almost redundant.

Even blinded, the basilisk still posed a threat to Harry in the Chamber of Secrets, establishing him as a grave threat and one of the most powerful magical creatures in the world. Harry potter movie franchise.

1 Dragons come in all terrifying shapes and sizes

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes in the Wizarding World of Harry potter, from Norbert the baby Norwegian Ridgeback to the fierce Hungarian Horntail and imprisoned Ukrainian Ironbelly with which Harry and his friends escaped from Gringotts in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

While each race has varying degrees of strength and firepower, overall dragons are feared for their fire-breathers and explosively rapid flight. Most races of dragons would dominate any other magical creature in the realms of Harry potter.

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