10 modern movies to watch if you love Princess Bride

Since its release in 1987, The princess to marry has been revered as a cult fantasy classic as well as a remarkable film. It’s a story about the pursuit of love no matter the odds and features a variety of beloved characters in addition to a few that fans love to hate.

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It’s the perfect movie to chill out because it’s light, comical, and inspiring. For fans hoping to feel that magic again with a new movie, there are plenty of modern movies out there that have similar themes and vibes that The princess to marry Is. Watch these magical cinematic works and experience a fantastic adventure, just the way you want.

ten Maleficent brings a slightly darker tone to the original fairy tale

Although the merchants did Maleficent looks like a dark fantasy tale, it’s still a good movie for young children and for adults looking for a light fantasy. The main character of Maleficent receives more dimension and development as his side of the story is told.

The 2014 film is an intense adventure full of twists and turns like The princess to marry, and it even has a little deliciously surprising humor to bring a little lightness and brighten up the sometimes dark film.

9 The house with a clock in its walls is a fun time for all ages

For those who like a good mystery mixed with their fantastic films, The house with a clock in its walls is a charming and spellbinding film which is particularly suitable for families with young children. Although humor may not strike the same as The princess to marry done, it’s a fun and wild magical ride.

Jack Black and Cate Blanchett have a lot of fun in their roles and have great chemistry working together as the main protagonists in the film. Young Owen Vaccaro also does a great job as a young protagonist in the film.

8 Aladdin is a timeless story filled with adventure, magic and love

aladdin with genie

While it may not live up to the original 1990s animated film, the live-action Aladdin is always a fun ride for critics and the public. The story of a poor young man who changes his life after meeting a magical genius has touched so many lives for decades, and seeing the magic live on the big screen is a sight to be enjoyed.

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The same way as The princess to marry has characters that are beloved and to identify with, just like Aladdin. It’s great to pick me up after a long day, and it’s one of the greatest romances.

7 Jumanji is a delightfully happier movie than its predecessor

the cast of jumanji welcome to the jungle

In this era of relentless reboots, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a breath of fresh air with its originality, stellar special effects and clever writing. It’s a much lighter take on the fantastic nightmare that the 1995 version was, and works for those who aren’t horror fans.

The 2017 version is more of an adventure, full of wit and thrilling action, and even a bit of romance on the side. All the themes that the grandfather of The princess to marry is ecstatic in front of his grandson.

6 Mary Poppins Returns is a Charming Flick for the Whole Family

Emily Blunt Shows Off Her Incredible Range In The 2018 Movie Mary Poppins Returns. Combining nostalgia for the original film with advanced special effects and charming characters, Mary Poppins Returns is a delightful escape from the mundane of real life.

The same way as The princess to marry uplifts anyone who watches it, this movie does the same. Her wholesome messages about family, hope and love are sure to bring a smile and inspire everyone who watches. At the very least, the music will make you dance through any bad day.

5 Fantastic Beasts More Than Just A Tribute To The Harry Potter Saga


Expand the wizarding world, fantastic beasts and where to find them focuses on stories that Harry potter couldn’t tell. Following the adventures of Newt Scamander, fans learn about the many different species of magical beasts, as well as new magical friends and enemies.

More than sharing a similar theme of magic and adventure, fantastic beasts and where to find them excels at balancing light moments with a really heavy overall plot, just like The princess to marry. It might be a wild roller coaster ride, but it’s worth watching this movie.

4 Your name is an estimate of the power of love

Haruhi Suzumiya approves Haruhi Suzumiya's disappearance

While the slice of life genre may be unappealing to those who adore fantasy, your name is a movie that every fantasy nerd should at least give a chance. The story follows two foreign teenagers who change bodies and must work together to find the reason. Strange as the premise is, the character dynamics are perfect and the reveal of the mystery is incredibly brilliant.

Although there is no swashbuckling here, your name is a great movie for The princess to marry fans, delivering an exciting adventure with a romance that transcends time itself.

3 Onward has some of the most endearing characters in the fantasy genre

ian and barley are moved while holding their father's magic staff

The Disney / Pixar movie Forward It might seem like an average adventure for kids, but looking at it, it won’t take long to realize that it is much more than that. Addressing serious themes of grief and loss, the film follows two brothers and their discovery that their late father was a wizard and that they one day have to bring him back to life so they can spend some more time with him.

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Even if The princess to marry never tackle issues like Forward the fact, they share a vital similarity in the incredible characters leading the way. Whether it’s rooting for Inigo Montoya or Ian the Elf, both films give audiences much to celebrate.

2 The Jungle Book takes a tour through the ruthless jungle world

As a retelling of the 1967 Disney classic, The jungle Book presents the story of Mowgli, a human raised by wolves trying to find his place in the jungle. CGI is revolutionary, bringing classic film animals to the real world, backed by the incredible voice acting of Bill Murray and Idris Elba to name a few.

This film is one of the best modern adventure films that takes the audience on a journey through the various trials and dangers that lie in the jungle that Mowgli calls his home. In this way, it is very similar to The bride princess thrilling adventure through the land of Florin.

1 Cinderella is a beautiful mix of love and magic

cinderella dancing with prince charming

Being one of the first live-action remakes, Cinderella was under more scrutiny than it deserved. The 2015 film wasn’t just a remake, it revitalized the story of the iconic Disney princess. With more attention to character development and even a small amount of world building, this princess flick is the complete package.

The plot covers more than love at first sight between Cinderella and her Prince Charming, it delves into the politics of the country as well as the history of the villain. The princess to marry also has its romance shrouded in politics and villainous affairs, so fans will love Cinderella just the same.

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