10 Harry Potter Spells We Wish We Could Do In Real Life

Each dedicated Harry Potter fan imagined himself receiving his letter from Hogwarts and being sorted into his favorite Hogwarts house. Maybe they even imagined picking up a wand and casting spells. After all, it’s impossible not to see the appeal of affecting one’s surroundings with a flick of the wrist.

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Naturally, an ordinary Muggle might not be inclined to cast dark curses like Avada Kedavra or even dangerous charms like Bombarda. But other kinds of magic would certainly come in handy, both for mundane situations and deadly dangers.

ten The Impervius charm would be a huge relief for people who wear glasses

Harry Potter

Harry Potter isn’t the only person whose glasses are a problem on a daily basis. Anyone who wears glasses knows how problematic they can become in harsh weather conditions. It is very easy for their wearer to have blurred vision when it rains or when the glasses fog up.

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The Impervius charm is the perfect solution for this. This causes an object to repel water or mist, and it came in handy for the Gryffindor Quidditch team when they had to fly in the rain. It would be just as useful for an ordinary person.

9 Home magic eliminates countless pesky chores

Queenie meets Jacob again

The Wizarding World may have an abundance of attack and defense spells, but it also has a whole category geared towards more mundane goals. Household magic is used to ease the burden of pesky chores for the busy witch or wizard. One of the most notable examples is Scourgify.

The scouring charm is used on more than one occasion in the series, including a notable instance when Ginny Weasley casts it to remove the Stinksap from Neville Longbottom’s Mimbulus mimbletonia. Other similar spells include the Pack Charm – used by Nymphadora Tonks on Harry Potter’s Luggage, Molly Weasley’s Washing Spell, and Charms Used for Cooking – used by Queenie Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

8 Capacious Extremis allows the caster to expand the internal dimensions of an object

Fantastic Beasts Newt Scamander Header

Magic can often defy the laws of physics and perhaps no charm is more proof of that than Capacious Extremis. Better known as an extension charm, this spell allows its caster to expand an object’s internal dimension, increasing its capacity beyond what it normally would be. Highly sophisticated charm is heavily regulated by the Ministry of Magic due to the risk of causing a violation of the Secrecy Act.

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It tends to be used on bags, but can also be used on buildings or vehicles. Examples include the Weasley’s Ford Anglia, Newt Scamander’s notorious Fantastic Beasts case, and Hermione Granger’s beaded supply bag. One thing is for sure, any Harry Potter fan would love to be able to use this spell because storage space would never be an issue again.

7 Disillusion charm allows the caster to blend into the environment

Anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed or insecure has probably felt a desperate need to be invisible. The Wizarding World provides the perfect solution. While invisibility cloaks are more commonly used to acquire this effect, they’re not exactly an easy artifact to acquire, and in many cases the charms they carry will fade.

As an imperfect substitute, wizards and witches use the Disillusionment Charm. The spell does not actually provide invisibility, but rather allows the caster to blend into the environment, practically turning them into a chameleon. Albus Dumbledore is known to have used this charm while overseeing Harry and the Mirror of Rised. It would be a perfect choice at a party where you just want to be left alone.

6 Reparo can fix any broken item with ease

Hermione repairs Harry's glasses with the Oculus Reparo

Muggle or wizard, everyone finds themselves with broken items on their hands from time to time. The popular Reparo spell can easily solve this problem – literally. The spell is designed to fix anything and has many variations that target specific types of items.

One of the first spells used in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is Oculus Reparo, launched by Hermione Granger on Harry Potter’s glasses in the Hogwarts Express. Another similar case appears in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald when Newt Scamander throws Papyrus Reparo on a torn postcard. Reparo is definitely a spell that everyone would love to have.

5 Protego can ward off physical threats and deter crime

Harry Potter—Protego Horribilis

Even without evil wizards waiting around the corner to cast spells on unsuspecting victims, non-magical people can get into trouble on their own. With crime being so common, everyone would love to have a defensive spell in their arsenal. Considering that, Protego is definitely a spell that would be useful to know about.

One of the spells commonly used in the Harry Potter series, the Shield Charm has many varieties, including more powerful versions like Protego Maxima, Protego Horribilis, Protego Diabolic – used by several casters to create a magical barrier around Hogwarts or for killing. For an ordinary person, the normal version would probably be sufficient and would deter any criminal from approaching.

4 Stupefy would work great as an emergency Taser

Harry Potter Spells — Stun

Sometimes the best defense is offense. While Protego definitely helps ward off threats, an attack spell would definitely help too. One of the more practical choices would probably be Stupefy. With a simple application of this spell, the attacker would be knocked unconscious.

It would then be simple to hand them over to the competent authorities. A form of magic taser, Stupefy would provide an excellent level of protection without being over the top and would make a great combination with Protego.

3 Apparition is a magical means of transportation that any muggle would love

More than a spell, Apparition is a magical means of transport that is as practical as it is dangerous. Thanks to this skill, wizards can move instantly from one place to another. The appearance is rather uncomfortable, as it feels like being squeezed through a very tight rubber tube.

The highly complicated technique also requires training, as failed attempts can lead to disastrous results like bursting – leaving body parts behind. The injury to Ron Weasley’s arm during the Golden Trio’s escape from the Ministry was very traumatic. But despite these drawbacks, one would be hard pressed to find a muggle who wouldn’t like the ability to “teleport” anywhere.

2 Flying is a very rare and highly coveted wizard skill

Harry Potter - Flying Voldemort

As a general rule, unassisted flight is considered nearly impossible in the wizarding world. Most wizards turned to broomsticks or other enchanted objects for flight. But Tom Riddle proved his mastery of magic when he discovered the spell that allows you to fly without assistance.

Voldemort also taught this skill to Severus Snape, and he uses it to escape after his duel with Minerva McGonagall. Quirinus Quirrel displays the ability by attacking Harry Potter, during the boy wizard’s first confrontation at Hogwarts with Voldemort. Curiously, in the film adaptation of Harry Potterthe way spawning is depicted is actually very similar to the concept of unassisted flight, as it allows casters to impact and affect objects.

1 Healing spells would be anyone’s first choice in magic

As handy as Apparition or Household Charms may be, they’re probably not the most useful type of magic there is. Healing spells receive this honor. There is nothing more attractive than being able to heal a wound with a few words and a wave of a wand. While in cases of complicated ailments potions would also be needed, there are many scenarios where a simple spell does the trick.

Episkey is used to heal minor injuries like broken noses. Vulnera Sanentur, used by Severus Snape, countered the deep cuts caused by Harry Potter’s Sectusempra. It seemed to be a much more powerful healing chant, and very helpful when hemorrhaged. Undoubtedly, countless people would like to learn about healing spells.

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