10 funniest quotes from Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince embodies a different tone from the previous five films and is arguably the funniest of the franchise. Like all Harry Potter films, it features several dark moments, however, comedy is usually front and center which fans were unaware of.

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Although it features one of the saddest deaths, the sixth installment perfectly balances the comedic aspects alongside the darkness and the drama. The movie is filled with several hilarious moments, and many of them come from one of the more unlikely characters.

ten When Ron talks about the Moon

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The moon.”

Ron Weasley takes a love potion

Ron falling briefly but madly in love with Romilda Vane is one of the most memorable parts of Half-Blood Prince. After eating a box of chocolate cauldrons spiked with a love potion, Ron transforms into a dazed, confused version of himself that provides hysterical content.

Ron is the last person to come in contact with his emotional side, so hearing her talk about the moon as being beautiful couldn’t be more unusual for him. Not to mention, this quote starts off one of the funniest conversations Ron and Harry have ever had.

9 McGonagall Ruin Free Period

“Take Weasley with you. He looks way too happy there.”

Harry Potter Teacher Minerva McGonagall

During a free period, Harry and Ron have fun watching the madness of the students rushing to their lessons. When Professor McGonagall spots them, she summons Harry and he is immediately worried.

When she tells Harry that his free time could be better used, she leaves him with no choice but to go to a potions class. Noticing that Ron is having too much fun for her liking, she forces Harry to take Ron with him. McGonagall is one of the most underrated characters in the franchise and her subtle hilarity is why she is such a beloved character.


8 Fred and George Price Rise

“Ten Galleons.”

Fred and George’s Shop, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes is presented for the first time and is one of the most magical scenes in Half-Blood Prince. The shop contains several prank items, from extendable ears to pygmy cabbages and many other magical items.

When Ron asks how much something costs, the twins repeatedly tell him it’s five galleons. When Ron points out that he’s their brother, which means he should get some sort of discount, they increase the price to ten galleons. This is Fred and George at their best and it is the epitome of brotherly love.

seven Harry insults himself

“Oh, nobody. A little bit of tossing really.”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews

When a Muggle sees Harry reading the Daily Prophet, she asks who Harry Potter is because he’s on the front page. Realizing that she has no idea who he is, Harry responds by saying that he is nobody and even insults himself.

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The timing of this quote couldn’t be more perfect considering this is Harry’s first line of dialogue. It’s also probably a good change for Harry that there is someone in the world who has no idea who he is, and he’s clearly taking full advantage of it.

6 Harry’s modesty

“But I am the chosen one.”

Harry and Hermione in the library in The Half-Blood Prince

When Harry and Hermione discuss who to take to Slughorn’s Christmas party, Hermione reveals that Romilda Vane is interested in Harry, but that’s only because she thinks he’s the chosen one. This prompts Harry to respond with the simple fact that he’s the chosen one.

Harry’s confident delivery of this line is flawless, and the witty response is one of the franchise’s most underrated moments. Hermione is less than satisfied with his response and proceeds to hit him on the head with a rolled up newspaper, quickly bringing him back to earth.

5 Dumbledore’s Secret Hobby

“I love knitting patterns.”

He’s certainly not renowned for his comedy moments, however, which is why they’re more appreciated when Dumbledore delivers them. When Dumbledore asks to use the toilet in a Muggle house, he comes across a Muggle knitting magazine.

Dumbledore asks Slughorn if he can borrow the magazine because he loves to knit patterns. This quote is hilarious because it couldn’t be more unexpected from one of the bravest teachers at Hogwarts. Like many of the characters in this movie, it shows a different side of Dumbledore and shows that he isn’t always serious all the time.

4 Harry’s valid question

“Alright, you’re in love with her. Have you ever met her?”

Ron weasley

After Ron eats a box of chocolates intended for Harry, he falls deeply in love with Romilda Vane. Unbeknownst to Ron, the chocolates were imbued with a love potion, so although he has never had any interaction with Romilda, he falls in love with her.

When Ron first expresses his new feelings to Harry, it’s no surprise that Harry doesn’t take him seriously given his condition. When he accepts that Ron is apparently in love, he makes a valid point and asks if he has ever met her.

3 Harry’s feelings about Hagrid

“I know but I have a very good feeling for Hagrid. I think this is, this is the place to be tonight.

Harry Ron and Hermione in Half-Blood Prince

In an attempt to try and get their hands on Slughorn’s memories, the trio hatch a plan for Harry to talk to him after drinking Liquid Luck. However, as soon as he drinks it, he decides he wants to go to Hagrid’s instead because that’s the place to be.

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The Harry that fans knew all too well suddenly vanished, as a new, upbeat and enthusiastic version replaced him. It was refreshing to see a fun side of Harry surfacing, not to mention the confused look on Ron and Hermione’s faces was priceless.

2 Ron’s inner thoughts

“Believe me, professor, I’ve been wondering the same thing for six years.”

Harry Ron and Hermione in Half-Blood Prince

After seeing Katie Bell get cursed, Harry, Ron and Hermione are called in to see Professor McGonagall and she asks why it’s always the three of them who are there when something bad happens. The trio stand in line and look like naughty school kids because they don’t have an answer to their question.

Ron responds with that and it’s a quote that perfectly sums up his personality. Sadly, for the trio, they always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

1 Harry’s perfect impression

“Not to mention the pincers.

After Harry takes Liquid Luck, he embodies a version of himself that no one has seen before. It’s no secret that Harry had a very serious overall tone, however, that goes away and a carefree version takes over, making him feel like he’s drunk.

At Aragog’s funeral Harry brings the comedic value and does his best to print Acromantula which is just plain hilarious. Harry bringing the light moments to a serious situation was so rare, so it cemented this as one of the best and funniest quotes in the movie.

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