10 classic YA novels that would make amazing comics

Classic literary works have been adapted into comics since the beginning of the comic book industry. In 1941, the comic book / magazine series Illustrated classics began to adapt the classics of literature to the format of comics. These adaptations led German-American psychiatrist Dr Fredrich Wertham to declare that a comic book code was needed.

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Since then, literary prose adaptations have continued to be common at Marvel Comics, which has published reworked stories by Jane Austin and Stephen King. The popular young adult genre is full of many classic and modern pieces perfect for comics.

9 The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings deserves a comedic adaptation to live up to its story

Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans deserve a faithful comic adaptation

The The Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkien’s saga would be a visually stunning adventure through the world of Middle-earth. A The Lord of the Rings the comic could start with the story of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit and continue through Frodo and Samwise’s journey to Mordor to destroy the One Ring.

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In addition to having inspired many comic book series over the years, The Hobbit was adapted by comic book publisher Eclipse Books by Chuck Dixon, Sean Deming and illustrator David Wenzel. They released a three issue series in 1989 but never covered the other books. In the hands of the right creative team, The Lord of the Rings is a world and a story that would translate well on the comic book page.

8 The odds would be in favor of an adaptation of the Hunger Games comic book

CBR the Odds reportedly in favor of a Hunger Games comic book adaptation

The hunger Games, a science fiction trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. The hunger Games follows the struggles of teenage Katniss Everdeen in a dystopian world. The New York Times bestsellers have been adapted into films but have yet to be translated into comic book format.

In addition to the fascinating story told, The hunger Games has been critically acclaimed for addressing social issues such as class discrimination and resistance. The ethics of entertainment is another big topic incorporated into history. A comedic adaptation could also open up this world, the world before, during or after the main series.

7 Adapting the Harry Potter series to comics should be a no-brainer

Harry Potter adventures obvious for comedic adaptation

Wizards and Muggles would once again be magically drawn to the world of Harry Potter, a young adult series perfect for a comic book adaptation. Bringing the adventures of Harry and his friends to the comic book page would be an opportunity to flesh out some minor parts or characters of Harry potter.

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The original seven novels, like the films, could be adapted into individual limited series, providing the full story telling. If the comic book adaptations were successful, Harry Potter and the Wizarding World as a whole would be a great sandbox for other creators to explore in comic book format.

6 The Dark Is Rising is a classic fantasy novel that would easily translate into comic book format

The Dark Is Rising is a little-known series that would appeal to a wide audience

Fantasy novels are nothing new in young adult literature. One of the all-time classics is the five-book series Night is approaching. Written by British author Susan Cooper and published from 1965 to 1977, Night is approaching mixes various elements of Celtic and Norse mythology, Arthurian legends and other English folklore to provide a backdrop to the struggle between good and evil.

The main characters of the first book are three children who are caught up in the age-old battle between light and dark, and racing as they seek the things of power. In the second Night is approaching book, the focus is more on Will Stanton, a close friend of the Drew family and the last of the Ancients.

5 Chronicles Of Narnia is a story with a beginning and an end that could be perfectly captured in comedic style.

Chronicles of Narnia was originally published between 1950 and 1956 by British author CS Lewis. It has been adapted for the stage, radio, television, film, and computer games, but not the comic book page. Chronicles of Narnia takes place in the fantastic world of Narnia, where magic, mythical beasts, and talking animals are commonplace. All along The Chronicles of Narnia, the main characters are all connected and form an epic story worthy of being adapted to the comic book format.

4 Little House on the Prairie would be a high concept series and appeal to all ages.

Laura Ingalls Wilder's autobiography series would look stunning on the comic page

The Small house A series of books have been written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, telling the story of her childhood and adolescence between 1870 and 1894 in the American Midwest. Little house in the meadow has won numerous literary awards and has also been cited as one of the 100 best young adult books of all time – sold over 60 million copies. Small house was adapted for stage, screen, and even as an animated series in the 1970s, but has yet to come to life in the graphic novel format. While the target audience for such a graphic novel might be limited, the story and images in the books would translate to the comic book page perfectly.

3 CS Lewis’s space trilogy is science fiction in its purest form

An adaptation of CS Lewis' space trilogy could present readers with a different side of the author

Although he is best known for Chronicles of Narnia, author CS Lewis also wrote a science fiction series known as The space trilogy. The space trilogy follows the protagonist, Professor Elwin Ransom who travels to Mars and Venus. He then works to stop science think tank NICE from summoning a demon intent on wreaking havoc and devastation on planet Earth.

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In The space trilogy, Lewis mixes elements of cosmology, mythology and medieval concepts while vaguely trying to reconcile scientific and religious ideas. Space out offers an interesting look at human nature itself. Although these concepts are present in Space out, they don’t diminish Ransom’s adventures throughout the series, translating well on the comic book page.

2 Hitchhikers Guide is an intergalatic adventure full of humor and satire that needs a worthy adaptation

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Deserves a Better Comedy Adaptation Than the '90s

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a collection of science fiction novels by Douglas Adams. As a series for young adults, the adventures Hitchhiker’s Guide tells are worthy of a true comic book adaptation. Originally a radio series and later adapted into a novel; Hitchhiker’s Guide tells the story of Arthur Dent. Dent is the only man to survive the destruction of Earth and roams space with his friend Ford Prefect. Along the way, the two meet a wide range of characters and end up learning the truth behind Earth’s existence and untimely demise. In the early 90s, DC Comics released an illustrated version of the book but did not. Hitchhiker’s Guide the service that is due to him.

HOLES is a YA novel that would be a visual and meaningful adaptation

Holes is a 1998 young adult novel written by Louis Sachar. Holes has a complex plot and interesting characters, and has proven to be unafraid to tackle real-world issues like the portrayal of people of color, the homeless, and incarcerated youth. Stanley Yelnats, Holeshe central figure comes from a low-income family with a history of conflict with the law.

He is wrongly convicted of a crime and is sent to a juvenile penitentiary, Camp Green Lake. Located in a dry desert lake, Stanley was forced to dig holes to “build his character.” An adaptation of Holes would be an opportunity to highlight the issues addressed and allow several artists to present different styles while telling the story.

1 Lord of the Flies is a classic young adult novel that has yet to be made into a comic book

Lord of the Flies is a classic YA novel in need of a proper comic book adaptation

Lord of the Flies is the first novel written by William Golding in 1954. Lord of the Flies has since grown into one of the most referenced young adult novels in pop culture today, but has yet to receive an adaptation by a comic book publisher. Lord of the Flies focuses on a group of British boys who find themselves stranded on an uninhabited island and the disastrous attempt to form a society and rule themselves without adults.

Lord of the Flies explores several themes: the struggle between group thinking and individuality, reactions to dangerous situations, and examining the line between morality and immorality. Lord of the Flies is a novel that deserves a translation on the page of the prosperity comics.

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