10 Characters From The Harry Potter Book Who Were Ignored In The Movies

The Harry Potter the books have many characters that make the wizarding world enjoyable to read. In addition to the main characters, supporting and minor characters have interesting personalities and subplots that tie into the narrative and create an entertaining supporting cast.

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With the limited runtime of the cinema, the Harry Potter movies couldn’t include everyone. While some characters have simply had their importance downplayed and their appearances diminished, others have been ignored in the films. Most, if not all, of their captivating side arcs, relevance, and existences are left off-screen, stripping them of their role in the narrative.

ten Dobby helps Harry more often

In the films, Dobby the house-elf appears at two key points. In Chamber of Secrets, he warns Harry of the threat to Hogwarts. In The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and 2he saves the trio from Malfoy Manor and gives his life to save them.

In the books, Dobby has a bigger prominence and makes more contributions. It appears throughout Goblet of Fire, The order of the Phoenixand The Half-Blood Prince to help Harry. Dobby provides gills for the Triwizard Tournament, alerts the DA of Umbridge’s approach, and watches Draco Malfoy. All of this makes Dobby’s death more tragic, as he constantly proves how far he will go for Harry.

9 The extent of Petunia’s bitterness is glossed over

Alongside her husband and son, Petunia forms the filthy Dursley family that abuses and neglects Harry. The movies, however, don’t indicate Petunia’s depth. A scene deleted from Deathly Hallows: Part 1 shows that Petunia is aware of the threat of the Death Eaters and that she regrets having had a feud with Lily before her death.

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However, the movies still ignore the reason for Petunia’s hatred of magic: jealousy. Petunia was irritated that Lily possessed magical abilities and could join the wizarding world. Petunia even wrote to Dumbledore asking if she could go to Hogwarts. When she was rejected, she became abhorrent to magic and yearned for an ordinary life.

8 Dean runs away from Death Eaters and has family issues.

Dean is another Gryffindor and Ginny’s love interest before Harry in the movies. The books hint that Dean has his own family struggles. While Dean believes himself to be Muggle-born, Rowling confirmed that Dean’s father was actually a wizard who left his family to protect them from the Death Eaters, but was killed by them for refusing recruitment.

Other details of Dean’s character are also left out, such as his continued support for Harry and his behaviors of living with Muggles, such as when he asks for a red card during Quidditch. Dean is also running from the Death Eaters in The Deathly Hallows and the trio meet him when they are captured by Snatchers, something left out of the movies.

seven Ludo Bagman has a conflict with the Weasley twins

In the books, Ludo Bagman is a retired Quidditch player from the Wimbourne Wasps. During Goblet of FireLudo works for the ministry as head of the Magical Games and Sports department and is responsible for the smooth running of the Quidditch World Cup.

Ludo seems suspicious because of his eagerness to help Harry win the Triwizard Tournament. In the end, it is revealed that he bet on Harry and owes the goblins money. This causes Ludo to trick the Weasley twins out of their money, then run off when Harry bonds with Cedric. Since Ludo is ignored in Goblet of Firehe doesn’t act like a red herring to Voldemort’s minion and his conflict with the twins doesn’t get screen time.

6 Ariana’s fate impacted Dumbledore

Ariana’s name isn’t even mentioned in The Deathly Hallows: Part 2. When a bitter Aberforth wonders if Albus told Harry about their sister, Harry refuses to take the bait. He flatly states that he is not interested in the duo’s past feud and reiterates that the trio must enter Hogwarts.

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In the books, Ariana was a young witch whose magic became unstable after a traumatic encounter with muggle boys. His situation led to his mother’s death and Albus’ plans to take over the world with Grindelwald being objected by Aberforth. The resulting duel accidentally killed Ariana, further alienated the brothers, and forced Albus to feel guilty for the rest of his life.

5 Peeves is a mischievous and troublesome mark at Hogwarts

In the books, Peeves the Poltergeist is regularly mentioned as he flies through Hogwarts causing chaos, hiding in armor, and dropping ink on the students. Since he doesn’t make an appearance in the movies, viewers don’t see any delightful Peeves moments, like when he chases Umbridge out of the castle after he quits.

Although Peeves doesn’t play a big role in the plot, he still adds detail to the magical fantasy of Hogwarts. He can also be relied upon to bring about destruction to aid the heroes in times of need, such as during the Battle of Hogwarts or to complicate Umbridge’s life.

4 Winky’s circumstances connect to the Crouch family

Winky the house-elf does not appear in the films at all. In the books, she’s the Crouch family’s loyal house-elf, but she’s fired at the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire. This termination makes Winky miserable because, like most other house-elves, she sees the job as her purpose in life and sees the Crouch family as her rightful family to serve.

Unbeknownst to the heroes, Winky’s tribulations mirror the problems of the Crouch family. Her dismissal is a reaction to Barty Crouch Jr. being granted Harry’s wand, and she adamantly refuses to tell the trio about her former employers, implying there are secrets. This was proven to be correct when Crouch Jr. makes his confession to Veritaserum and Winky’s reaction shows that she was aware of it.

3 Colin Creevey Offers More Muggle-Born Representations And A Tragic Sacrifice

Colin Creevey first appears in The Chamber of Secrets as a camera fan of The Boy Who Lived. However, he never appears in the films again, and his brother Dennis does not appear at all.

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In the books, Colin’s Muggle-born status would affect his life when Voldemort took over the wizarding world. Like other Muggle-borns, Colin is expelled from Hogwarts for being considered unworthy of the new regime. He comes back in The Deathly Hallows for the Battle of Hogwarts, sneak around the age requirement. Harry sees Colin during a break from fighting, showing that Colin’s stubbornness has extended to giving his life for the wizarding world.

2 Kreacher provides insight into the character of Regulus and the extent of his loyalty

In the films, Kreacher is introduced in The order of the Phoenix. In The Deathly Hallows, he helps the Golden Trio identify the fake locket and catch Mundungus. However, the books show that Kreacher was more involved in the story of the locket and Regulus Black.

Voldemort used Kreacher to test his cave trap for his Horcrux, which disillusioned Regulus and turned him against the Dark Lord. Regulus changed the medallions and had Kreacher destroy the Horcrux before dying at the hands of the Inferi, his heroic trick and sacrifice unrevealed. Meanwhile, Kreacher would feel guilty for years as he was unable to meet his master’s demand.

1 The Gaunt family situation and its climax in Voldemort is not addressed

The Gaunt family plays an important role in the new version of Half-Blood Prince when Dumbledore and Harry look into Voldemort’s story. By the time of Merope’s generation, the House of Gaunt had become impoverished.

Merope was miserable and abused, and fell in love with Muggle Tom Riddle. To escape with her life, Merope used a love potion, ran away with it, and became pregnant. After Tom abandoned her for bewitching him, Merope died after giving birth to Tom Riddle, Jr. at the orphanage where he would spend his early years. These origins would greatly influence Voldemort’s mindset and motivations.

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