10 best movies inspired by the Twilight series

the dusk the series has inspired many franchises such as Fallen, a film about a girl who falls in love with angels and demons, and Fifty shades of Grey, which is based on dusk fanfiction. Parodies were made like Vampires suck, and the characters have been parodied in TV shows such as The simpsons.

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Movies that were inspired by dusk vary in quality, with many unable to escape the shadow of the franchise. Movies based on dusk or those with the same themes tend to be hated by critics, but some movies exceed expectations and keep fans entertained nonetheless.

ten Hotel Transylvania

Mavis and Johnny at Hotel Transylvania make eye contact

Mavis is a young vampire who has been sheltered by his father, Count Dracula, and is made to believe that humans are dangerous. She ends up falling for Johnny’s goofball despite her father’s objections. the Hotel Transylvania The franchise features plenty of hilarious characters who deserve their own solo films such as Wayne the Werewolf and his many terrifying children.

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Hotel Transylvania takes the trope of a human meeting a vampire and makes it fresh and exciting again, using the popularity of the genre to make a really funny movie. The film also has a scene where a minor character literally watches dusk on a portable DVD player.

9 Warm bodies

R and Julie in Warm Bodies lying on the floor of an abandoned plane

Considered by some to be one of the best zombie movies of recent years, this zombie romance flick stars R, a zombie who falls in love with a young girl, Julie, after eating his ex’s brain. boyfriend. Their love slowly turns R into a human again, leading to some cute moments throughout the movie and a really nice message at the end.

The genre of supernatural romance exploded after the popularity of Dusk, which made the classic Romeo and Juliet story more accessible to a younger audience. Warm bodies packs great performance and turns the generally horrific zombie genre into something for any fan of dusk can enjoy.

8 After

the two main characters of After sitting on a dock by the lake

As reported by Cosmopolitan a little like Fifty shades of Grey, this film was originally a fan fiction published online. Based on the boy band One Direction, After follows Tessa as she goes to college and, despite having a boyfriend at home, finds a romantic relationship with the pissed off kid Hardin.

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From its beginnings as dusk fan-fiction, Fifty shades inspired many studios to find their own super popular franchise hidden on Wattpad or AO3. dusk also must have inspired the portrayal of a simple good girl falling in love with a nervous bad boy who has a tumultuous past, as well as the love triangle between Tessa, her boyfriend Noah and her lover Hardin.

7 The hunger Games

Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games dressed in tactical gear, kneeling together on the floor

Young adult fiction was particularly sought after by studios after Dusk popularity and The hunger Games is perhaps one of the best franchises to be discovered in its wake. To save her sister, Katniss volunteers as a tribute to participate in a deadly contest. Katniss as the protagonist has many strengths and weaknesses, and she is more nuanced than just the audience replacement Bella.

Books are not necessarily inspired by dusk, but the movies and media around them have definitely tried to cash in on the love triangle fashion, increasing screen time for Katniss and Peeta’s romance.

6 Byzantium

Saoirse Ronan and a great pretender to Byzantium

This 2012 vampire film stars Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan, a mother-daughter vampire duo who move into an old hotel to escape enemy vampires. The film is more adult than dusk and presents incredible performances of the two great ladies.

It’s thanks to the rise of vampire movies that this movie exists, and it brings a brilliant new twist to the genre. The film contains flashbacks to previous periods of vampire life as in Dusk, and it presents a deadly romance between vampires and humans. The film also brings vampires into modern times, making the film more appealing to fans of Dusk.

5 Divergent

Divergent's Tris and Tobias in the middle of a training session

Take elements of Dusk, Harry Potter, and The hunger Games, This movie franchise follows Tris as she is categorized into a faction based on her defining personality traits. The actors of the Divergent the franchise continued to be involved in big movies, and star Shailene Woodley was nominated for Golden Globes, Emmy Awards, and a BAFTA.

Divergent uses a lot of tropes of Dusk, as the simple protagonist having a forbidden romance with a mysterious man. It has a lot of cool ideas and good performance that elevates a slightly generic script.

4 Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood and a male lover, wearing old-fashioned clothes

Catherine Hardwicke, director of the first dusk film, brings his particular cinematic experience and vision to this romantic horror starring Amanda Seyfried. The film mixes elements of horror, mystery and thriller to create a stereotypical yet entertaining watch.

The film follows the dusk formula up close, with a girl in love with a monster, and he uses one of the main monsters of the dusk series, these being werewolves. However, these werewolves are much more violent and kill more children than fingerprints.

3 It means war

Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine in This Means War all wear formal clothes

The star-studded cast of It means war includes Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, who play two CIA agents who argue over a woman one of them met on a dating site, played by Reese Witherspoon.

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The focus of this film is more on rival CIA agents, developing the themes that dusk raised between the two rival love interests. The script for this film has undergone many changes, with one writer claiming to have read it in the 90s when it was about video game developers rather than CIA operatives, but the film that ultimately was achieved brings a lot of dusk items on the screen.

2 Every day

the two teenage protagonists of Every Day look each other in the eyes

As paranormal romances go on, this movie contains a big twist on the genre. Rhiannon falls in love with a spirit that inhabits a different person’s body every day. Rhiannon must learn to look below the surface and to love the person within.

A young protagonist falling in love with a Halloween monster is inspired by Dusk, as well as the main demographic of young adults and romance lovers. The film dodges the exploration of very deep themes and gets to the heart of the romance, much like Dusk, who focuses on Bella and Edward and prefers to put the implications of vampirism in modern times on the back burner.

1 Only lovers will stay alive

Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton in Only Lovers Left Alive, they are wearing black and white clothes, sitting on the floor together

This dramatic comedy follows the romance between two vampires, performed by Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton. This film develops the ideas put in place in Dusk, such as the everlasting love that is spent and bored with eternal life, as well as the comedic implication that vampires influence culture and befriend famous writers like Christopher Marlowe.

Adam cultivated his musical abilities over the centuries just as Edward practiced the piano for a hundred years. Fans of dusk will certainly appreciate the comedic tone, as well as the genuine care that the director and actors put in the direction and the themes.

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